Monday, June 11, 2012

Call it the Slippery Traitor Fire

(CBS/AP) An eerie orange dusk shrouded part of northern Colorado, while heavy smoke choked a small community in southern New Mexico -- as both regions battled wildfires spreading rapidly through mountainous forest land that have forced hundreds of evacuations and destroyed dozens of structures.
from Rapidly spreading wildfires choke Colo., N.M.

These massive wildfires of recent times are actually a measure of how much water we've sucked out of the ground, thus causing the ground and vegetation to be tinder-dry, which interferes with the rain cycle. (Evaporation from the ground and vegetation is a significant part of the rain cycle.) We are destroying the environment in the name of the religion of not interfering with the environment (i.e. "interfering" by building projects such as NAWAPA).  But "our" government's refusal to acknowledge the necessity and feasibility of NAWAPA is actually as part of the economic warfare being waged against the US by Mammon's British oligarchy.

Barney Frank, a known oligarchical agent who is supposedly the most intelligent member of Congress (perhaps precisely BECAUSE of his craven subservience to the actual Queen) ridiculed the idea of bringing "ice water" down from Alaska, where it gets dumped into the ocean. But does a traitor's sneer negate all of the studies and planning which have proven it to be necessary and feasible?  Congress might claim that there's no money, when it has no problem finding hundreds of billions of dollars to cover banker's gambling debts, which are the equivalent of crumpled-up napkins with "IOU $100 Billion" drunkenly scribbled on them. Which would you rather have: a bunch of crumpled-up napkins, or NAWAPA?