Friday, June 15, 2012

A credible account of events in Syria

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
                                       -- J. Edgar Hoover

The following is a rough translation and slightly abridged from a French-language report dated April 1 2012, of atrocities against civilian populations, refugees, and religious minorities, by the armed Syrian opposition, in the area of Convent of St. James the Mutilated, Qara, Syria (Monastère St Jacques le Mutilé, Qâra). The eyewitness account, including photographs, is by the convent's leader, Mother Agnès Mariam de la Croix.
Progressively but effectively, the armed wing of the Syrian opposition is carrying out what one would call "demographic redistribution." Thanks to the snipers and acts of criminal aggression, they harass the disapproved civilian population: Alawite, Christian, Shi'ite minorities, and many "moderate" Muslims who have no desire to participate in dissident activities.
Still, all actors in civil life were the preferential targets of hidden terrorism by the armed resistance: taxi drivers, street vendors, mailmen, and especially civil functionaries were innocent victims of acts that went from simple assassination to gratuitous barbarity: their throats were slashed, mutilated, disemboweled, cut into pieces, thrown into street corners or public trashcans. There was no hesitation about shooting at children, probably just to create distress and hopelessness, as happened with little Sari, the nephew of our stone-cutter. These acts of atrocity were then exploited by the media to impute the responsibility was on the government forces.
In and around Hamidiyeh, up to Wadi Sayeh and even as far as Bustan Diwan, the same scenario played out: Armed gangs got the Christians to leave, sometimes by force, and looted their houses, and then put displaced Sunni families in them, or used them as military posts. We were told that the armed gangs dug holes in the walls separating the housing, in order to go throughout the neighborhood without going out into the street. Entire neighborhoods were transformed in this sort of blockhaus. [sic]
The neighborhoods of Bab Sbah, Warcheh and part of Hamidyeh were emptied of their residents for the reasons we said above. Bands of Islamist terrorists invades these places, took over the houses, looted and them burned them, alleging that government forces had pillaged them. The terrorists, before going into neighborhoods inhabited by religious minorities wrecked them themselves with mortars, rockets, or Israeli-made LAU missiles. They do this against unarmed civilian populations and in places where there is no presence of the regular military. IT IS FALSE TO SAY THAT THE CIVILIAN POPULATION IS CAUGHT IN THE CROSS-FIRE. THE TRUTH IS THE IN SEVERAL PLACES THE CHRISTIAN NEIGHBORHOODS ARE THE TARGETS OF SYSTEMATIC BOMBING BY ARMED GANGS, to take revenge for the fact that the Christians won't join the opposition.
According to the Catholic agency, Fides, the armed bands' maneuver is to enter the majority Christian neighborhoods in order to retrench there. A huge drama ensues: the armed bands ring the neighborhood with explosives, threatening to blow the whole place up if the regular army moves forward.
When the regular army seized Baba Amro, the terrorists gathered their hostages (Alawites and Christians) into a building in Khalidiyeh, which they blew up, creating a terrible massacre, and attributing it to the regular forces. But while this act was imputed to the regular forces, including the Arab League, the proof and eyewitnesses are irrefutable: It's a maneuver by the armed gangs tied to the opposition.
With Belgian journalists, we were the first in the world to detail the "unidentified armed gangs." TODAY, THESE GANGS ARE IDENTIFIED. WE CAN GIVE THEM A NAME: THEY ARE GROUPED UNDER THE TITLE SYRIAN FREE ARMY, whether they are Salafist or Wahhabi, that is, ultra-radical paramilitary formations.
It must also be said that the majority of Muslims in Syria denounced the Salafists, and took their distance from Wahhabism. They say that all extremism is a deformity, and that SALAFISM, INSPIRED BY WAHHABISM, became a heresy especially when it took recourse to eliminating the "kuffar" or "renegades," in fact, any person who does not agree with its foundations.
While the international community seek to bring dialogue and appeasement, IT IS NONETHELESS UNACCEPTABLE THAT REPORTERS AND OFFICIALS CONTINUE TO BLINDLY BELIEVE THE STATEMENTS OF TENDENTIOUS INTELLIGENCE NETWORKS WHICH COVER FOR THE CRIMES OF THE ARMED GANGS AFFILIATED WITH THE SYRIAN OPPOSITION, lest it be highly displeased. By ignoring the abuses and crimes of these armed gangs and hailing their "struggle," they encourage their crimes and provide no aid to those people in danger. 
from Eyewitness Report on "Rebel" Atrocities in Syria, April, 2012

Because of my awareness of the nature of Satanism, which has no honor or scruples whatsoever (its only concern is remaining "occult," i.e. hidden, like any other criminal conspiracy), and it is dedicated to the destruction of mankind (including through recruitment into Satanism), this account makes more sense to me than the intelligence-agency lies being spewed by the mass media about what's happening in Syria. I realize that soulless humanoids capable of these Nazi-like crimes with such monstrous motives (i.e. to slaughter innocent people to start a world war) do indeed exist, and that they are a part of the British empire, which created the Third Reich. As implied by the quote by J Edgar Hoover at the beginning of this entry, many people will dismiss this account because they assume that there are no people who would do such things, and they would be partially correct, because such "humans" exist, but they're not really human.

Although the account states that the motive for this "ethnic cleansing" is to take revenge against those who won't join with the "rebels," it seems to me that they're doing so simply to drive out anyone who might interfere with their take-over. Once these psychopaths take over a chunk of territory, dig in, and surround themselves with civilians (like the Nazis did to Europe), it's going to be extremely difficult to get rid of them, especially because the British empire, including the MSM and our own government, supports them, conceals them, and attributes their crimes to the Syrian government. (They're actually a covert military-style operation which includes Special Forces operatives, but without military gear other than what can be attributed to purchases from the black market, or hidden with help from the media.)  Then, when the Syrian government counterattacks, probably with the help of Russia, the US will use it as an excuse to invade Syria. The goal is to start a war with Russia, which combined with the ongoing economic collapse would destroy civilization.