Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Darwinism vindicated, just in time for the Summer solstice

Bonobos and humans share 98.7 percent of the same genetic blueprint, the same percentage shared with chimps, according to a study released Wednesday by the journal Nature.
from Scientists map DNA of bonobo, our peaceful ape kin

Meaning, of course, that Darwin, Nietzsche, and Crowley were correct (they have to keep the fresh "proof" coming, to replace the old "proof" that's been riddled with holes), and that those whose parents gave them good bodies should get busy torturing and killing those they don't find aesthetically pleasing. It's their duty as the "dark matter" that "orders the universe," and besides, it becomes second nature after a while. As Uncle Al said, just do it - don't ask too many questions, because thinking is so unreliable, or something like that.

Which brings us back to the Darwinian experts. Note that 98.7 converts to 6 (9+8+7=24, 2+4=6), just coincidentally. Furthermore, 6 is the next in the series 9, 8, 7....