Friday, June 29, 2012

Forestry professor "neglects" to mention NAWAPA as solution for "super fires"

There are things that can be done -- and are being done -- to combat this fiery future.
Thinning smaller, younger trees from forests and using proscribed burning can greatly reduce the chance of a super fire.  "Those are two important forest restoration techniques that are being done around the U.S.," to some extent, he said.
The problem is, such efforts are expensive -- several hundred dollars to $1,000 per acre -- and there are millions of acres.  The U.S. government manages most of the nation's forest lands, he said, "and the federal government really doesn't have a lot of extra money it doesn't know what to do with."
from Waldo Canyon is latest super fire; get used to them, expert says
Thus, it becomes clear that, contrary to popular misconceptions and outright lies, the water to be used by NAWAPA is not some stash, which will be run down over time, nor is it water which otherwise would be used for other purposes. NAWAPA is the harnessing and improvement of this natural, global cycle and, because of this, will be capable of not only providing freshwater to the western U.S. and northern Mexico for perpetuity; experience has shown that it will also permanently transform the climate in these areas as a result, lowering the temperature and increasing rainfall.
from NAWAPA, from the Standpoint of Biospheric Development

NAWAPA is the solution to the effects of the depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer, including the destruction of the environment of the western US.  The fact that it's not on the lips of the media-"experts" is because it's not in the scripts written for them by British imperial disinformation mills, which create our consensus reality.  As this article indicates, college professors who don't parrot the Establishment line can find themselves out of a job.