Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hague stokes Syria-Turkish conflict

Foreign Secretary William Hague today condemned Syria for shooting down of a Turkish fighter jet.
Mr Hague said the "outrageous" act underlined the need for Bashar Assad's regime to go.
from William Hague 'outraged' as Syria shoots down Turkish fighter jet

And if Assad suddenly decided to give him his wish?  How would he start his world war then?  Hague seems to be more outraged than the Turkish government over the downing of their jet, whose pilots have yet to be found. What proof do we have that a plane was shot down, or that there were any pilots?  After all, why waste valuable resources on a choreographed and conveniently-timed war provocation when they could be used to drop bombs on military targets such as hospitals, power plants, water processing facilities, and communications facilities? (The British might not be able to organize an economic recovery, but they sure know what to destroy in order to destroy a country.)

Meanwhile, Bill Kristol continues with his demands for attacking Iran, apparently in the belief that we'll do it just to shut him up.