Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Justification for drone strikes? Are you going to stop us?"

The UN Special Rapporteur on Summary Executions has called on the U.S. to justify its well-known policy of drone assassinations, rather than capture of al Qaeda or Taliban suspects.
Special Rapporteur Christof Heyns reports that U.S. targeted killings by drones, first raised in 2008, have continued, and that only two of the Special Rapporteur's 25 recommendations on human rights were "partially implemented". 
from UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur's Report Calls for U.S. to Justify Obama's Drone Killings

"Our" real government's "justification" is "might makes right," i.e. "we do it because we can, and nobody can stop us." (It also does it BECAUSE it's insane, and in order to engender a sense of powerlessness in mankind.) Mr. Heyns had better avoid countries where US drones roam, or he might get his "justification" in the form of death from the the mighty hand of Zeus-Obama. The report was released on 6/18, perhaps as a hint that the UN knows what's really behind them (Satanism), so I would expect a reply from the Obama administration in the form of a drone strike any day now.