Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kercher's killer might get out after 6 years of relatively cushy incarceration

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Sixteen years is the maximum he will serve but it is my understanding Italy has a possible reduction for good behavior. One year for every 3 served, meaning that 16 could go as low as 12 years. Not only that but Italy also has this deal that those in prison can also be eligible for work release even earlier. Most of the articles I have seen on this use 2014 as the year he could become eligible for work release. That is 2 years away. Is this justice? Sexual assault and murder and this killer will be out on work release in just a couple of years.
from Is Rudy Guede's 16-Year Sentence Justice For Meredith Kercher?

Since Guede was arrested in late November 2007, a 2014 release would constitute a 5-6 year sentence for butchering Meredith Kercher, for which I alone have provided a plausible motive: as advanced SRA, and to provide his master Mignini, and the rest of his coven, with another "Monster of Florence"-type witch-hunt SRA-orgy. So, in exchange for being a Satanist, and for keeping his mouth shut and protecting the Monster of Perugia, Giuliano Mignini, Guede would get 6 years for this horrible crime.  

But besides this, his life in prison probably hasn't been the hell through which Knox and Sollecito were put for four years PRECISELY BECAUSE THEY WERE KNOWN TO BE INNOCENT.  For example, we know that Guede is being held in the sex-offender wing of the prison, where he won't have to deal with hardened criminals.

An even more glaring travesty is the lack of any serious attempt to address Mignini's many crimes, which have been cynically attributed to "overzealousness." (So why didn't the Italian justice system recognize his "overzealousness" until he had destroyed so many lives?)  Even if he is a pod, and there is no way to punish the entity actually responsible, Italy could at least protect society from a tool of Satan.

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