Monday, June 18, 2012

More evidence of the nature of the "bailouts"

The IMF has bluntly informed the Spanish government of the murderous conditions attached to the supposedly "unconditional" European Union EU100 billion bailout of the Spanish banking system promised one week ago. 
from IMF Conditions on Spanish "No Conditions" Bailout Will Kill Spaniards, Too

The Nazi strategy, again:

A) Get the big guns/bombs
B) Destroy the economy
C) Kill people to "fix the economy"

The bailouts, which are a matter of sucking money out of the real economy to service debt that is mostly the result of British imperial policies (for example, endless wars and no NAWAPA) or fictitious debt (such as bankers' derivatives-gambling debts), and then handing the money over to organized Satanism so that it can buy the world at fire-sale prices, and thus take dominion for Mammon, constitute step C in the above process.