Saturday, June 16, 2012

More news-hoax terror, and another "ongoing investigation"

A woman suddenly drove her car into a crowded town square in northwest Ohio, injuring 20 to 25 people, some of whom were pinned under the car and freed when bystanders lifted it, authorities and witnesses said.
The chaotic scene unfolded after 9 p.m. Friday night when an unidentified woman drove her Oldsmobile sedan into a crowd of dozens....
"It just happened so fast," Amee Truesdale, who was at the event with her husband, told the newspaper. "We all fell backwards. It was unreal. There were bodies, and shoes and jewelry."
Police said they're still investigating what may have caused the crash.
from Cops: Ohio Woman Drives Into Crowd, Injures Dozens

As far as I'm concerned, this is another example of the media fabricating "news" based on a sort of accident simulation by organized Satanism. Until I see video of the actual crash, I won't believe it really happened. Perhaps if the supposed driver's name is ever discovered in the course of the ongoing investigation [1], and I might be persuaded to consider this to have been a real event. But on second thought, I'll still require the video to believe it. The media's credibility has become that of the Daily Mail or the National Enquirer, but its mission of destroying civilization is almost complete, so why should it care?

[1]  Note that the "ongoing investigation" into how Daniel Chong was "forgotten" for five days while locked up and handcuffed in an office during business hours as he raised hell in an attempt to get out, has yet to yield results, and that the DoJ has apparently yet to lift a finger (besides its middle one) in regards to this incident. (One of the reasons Chong was chosen to be "forgotten" is that nobody would apparently miss him for five days, at least enough to contact the police, and I assume that this had been thoroughly investigated before he was "forgotten.")

If we were to ask the San Diego DEA how the Chong "investigation" is going, I suspect that they'd say that it's still "ongoing" which is a very interesting word because it converts to 15 14 7 15 9 14 7, and as this series is added in order, it yields 29 36 51 60 74 81, i.e. 11 9 6 6 11 9.  In other words, this "ongoing investigation" is actually another perpetual disinformation campaign run by organized Satanism, like what really brought down WTC 7, or who butchered Mary Jane Kelly, and why.