Friday, June 8, 2012

More of the Devil's fingerprints on Al Majalah massacre (revised)

Something told me to look into various numbers associated with the Al Majalah massacre, including the map coordinates.  According to the GeoHack website's entry for Al Majalah (here), its coordinates are 13.966667, 46.466667, where 13 is the number of Lucifer (whom Satanists, and pretty much everyone else, confuses with Satan), and 46 is 2x23, where 23 is considered a special "magical" number because (2x3)+(2+3)=11, the number of black magic (which Satanism pretends to be to manipulate its members), and 2/3=0.666....  The fractional portions of the coordinates need no explanation.

The date of the attack was 12/17/2009, i.e. 29-2009, i.e. 11 11, and the new Moon had occurred the previous day.  This is significant partly because new Moons are considered to mark beginnings, and the Al Majalah massacre marked the beginning of a major outbreak of the tit-for-tat "misdirected" terrorism which IS the "war on terror."

Various human rights organizations have submitted FOIA requests for information on the massacre, but the MSM and Congress couldn't be less interested in getting to the bottom of it.