Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MSM can't get its lies on Syria straight

(Reuters) - With the United States accusing Russia of providing attack helicopters and ethnic violence spiraling out of control, Syria's conflict is pulling world and regional powers into a mounting proxy confrontation.
from Syria becoming wider global, regional proxy war

(CNN) -- The U.N. peacekeeping chief says Syria is now in a civil war.
Some experts agree with U.N. official Herve Ladsous that the war-torn country has reached that chilling milestone. Others say the country is hurtling in that direction. The conflict began in March 2011 when a fierce Syrian government crackdown on peaceful protesters morphed into a bloody government uprising.
from Is Syria in a civil war?

In the space of these two brief excerpts, the MSM has managed to squeeze four different versions of the Syrian conflict: ethnic violence, peaceful protesters (a "democracy movement" which attacks power plants), a civil war, and a proxy war between major powers.

Actually, Syria is being invaded by British imperial black-ops terrorists - likely Satanists - who have been using the "democracy" movement as a smokescreen, just as occurred in Libya. The MSM's reports on this situation, which are probably written by actual intelligence agents posing as reporters (as they did during the Libyan "liberation"), have been pretending that this terrorist army doesn't exist, and that the Russian government is untrustworthy for alluding to them.
The British empire doesn't want regime change or democracy in Syria - it wants world war with nuclear explosions to simulate "Armageddon," just as its financial system vaporizes. The statement by "U.N. official" Herve Ladsous indicates that he is either clueless or part of the black-ops cover up, when he's supposed to be an objective observer/reporter.