Monday, June 18, 2012

The MSM's subliminal theme

As I review the consensus reality known as "the news" [1] on Google News, I am reminded of something I wrote long ago, which is that the media's fundamental message seems to be that there is no explanation for the mess we're in (because the natural order is Darwinian, i.e. chaos shaped by the Invisible Hand of conglomerate narrow self-interest), no solution for the mess we're in (other than to kill ourselves), and thus, no hope of a better world, i.e. "no explanation, no solution, no hope." This is largely why they ban LaRouche from their pages - he offers explanations and solutions, and thus hope. His emphasis on developing the human mind, of understanding the physical world (with a philosophically-derived awareness that it's an illusion generated by an underlying spiritual reality [2]), and developing solutions, is precisely the opposite of the perspective which the media wants us to adopt, and it is precisely what we need to do to prevent the forces of evil from reducing us to their mindless slaves.   

[1] Part of generating this consensus reality is to have all major news programs report certain events, and of course from the same perspective. Walter Cronkite was famous for ending his broadcast with the statement "and that's the way it is."
[2] For mankind to have free will, we must be allowed to believe, as I did for a few miserable years, that there is no underlying spiritual reality, and this might explain why particle physics seems to be balking at further progress which might confront us with the reality in an undeniable manner, and thus strip us of this freedom.  But if we arrive at this conclusion philosophically, it allows others to continue to believe in a purely material world.