Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obama's economic smoke-and-mirrors exposed, without offering a solution

A week ago, President Obama gave a speech, billed as a major statement on economic policy, that was remarkable only for the brazenness of its cynicism and dishonesty.
from Obama's economic “vision”

This article is an excellent exposé of how Obama manipulates (or rather how his "behavioral economist" script-writers  manipulate) the American people into going along with what Paul Volcker called the "controlled disintegration" of the economy. However, the fact that it doesn't propose any real economic solutions, although it alludes to re-industrialization, indicates that it is just another layer of cynicism heaped on top of Obama's. The word is clearly out: if not even the most astute minds of the "alternative" media mention the specifics required, it's as if they don't exist.  It also just so happens that the website where I found this article is rabidly anti-nuclear power, when nuclear power is one of the necessary ingredients in a real economic recovery.