Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A quick comment on Unity, the church

After my existentialist phase, I studied A Course in Miracles and attended study sessions at a Unity church.  Eventually, I became disenchanted with ACIM because my gut told me that it's a fantasy, and I still believe that. Eventually, I stumbled onto LaRouche and Rudolf Steiner, and I still consider their teachings to be among the most trustworthy, even if I will never fully comprehend them in this lifetime. 

In the course of studying Steiner's works, I became familiar to some extent with the influences of Lucifer, as opposed to Satan, and the fact that they work so closely together that they are often difficult to distinguish.  Eventually, it occurred to me that A Course in Miracles reflects a specifically Luciferic influence, because among other things it teaches that we each live in a world of our own making, which we supposedly make through a process of dissociation or "dreaming," and that salvation consists of awakening from this dream, and finding ourselves in Heaven.  One of Lucifer's influences is to attempt to get us to bypass our evolution, and thus fail to develop properly, so you can see the correspondence between this influence and ACIM's "dream"-teaching.

While attending a Sunday service at Unity, I ran into someone whom I now suspect to be a witch, because of some incredibly low thing an associate of hers did to me. Eventually, I recognized that Satanists incorporate all sorts of doctrines into their belief system which assure them that they will not be held responsible for their deeds on Earth, including such things as existentialism, salvation by grace, and the teachings of ACIM.  Eventually, it hit me that this would explain the very reason for the existence of Unity.

I knew there had to be a clue IN the name "Unity," but until I recently realized the extent to which Satanists hide numerical "codes" in words, I couldn't find it.  Recently, after having this realization, it occurred to me to re-examine Unity, and I was stunned.  "Unity" converted to numbers is 21 14 9 20 25. If these are simply added, the result is 89, which isn't anything special, other than perhaps a prime number. But if the preceding series is examined, it can be seen that 21 14 can be seen as an 11 surrounded by 2 and 4, which add to 6, forming 11 6.  If 20 and 25 are added, the result is 45, and 4 added to 5 is 9.  Then there's the 9 from the "i."  That's 11 6 9 9, and if the 9's are rotated, 11, the number of black magic, and 666, the number of the Devil, who can be seen as the boss of Satan and Lucifer.

If I were to try to justify my belief that I'm onto something with this conclusion, it would be a major project.  Much of my reasoning for this conclusion is circumstantial and subjective, but my gut tells me that it's right, and that Unity is a Luciferic complement to Satanism.