Thursday, June 14, 2012

Russia is overhauling Syrian choppers, not selling it new ones

... the helicopters that are allegedly about to be delivered to Damascus are not newly manufactured in response to a recent Syrian government order, but rather likely are aircraft that were sent to Russia by the Syrian government a few months ago to be overhauled and are ready to be returned.
from Hillary Spins Russian Helicopters to Syria

I think that what's bothering SoS Clinton is that this improves Syria's ability to attack the British empire's military-grade black-ops terrorists without harming others. I gather that the Syrian army has been using a brute-force approach of shelling terrorist hideouts, and killing some of the terrorists' "democracy movement" front-men, and civilians, in the process.  Attack helicopters would obviously improve their ability to deliver pinpoint strikes and reduce collateral damage.

Most people cannot comprehend the sliminess of this British imperial invasion of Syria, which reflects the reality of Obama. On the one hand, the British empire, which includes the "American" MSM (as indicated by its recent coverage of the Queen's Jubilee) promotes a "shining city on a hill" image, but the reality is that it has unleashed the a covert army of terrorists (of the sort that rigged the WTC with explosives and danced in the street after it was imploded) on the Syrian people. The MSM has been lying utterly about this evil invasion, which is ultimately designed to back Russia into a corner and force it to lash out, so that the US government can then declare war on it.