Monday, June 11, 2012

So what now, oh great wise men?

Nor is it only the European bankers who are screaming for riding roughshod over or eliminating sovereign governments in order to authorize unprecedented levels of money-printing to give them the appearance of solvency. Aware of systemic nature of the crisis, the Obama Administration is weighing in with increasing intensity, holding conference calls with European leaders in order to demand that they implement "accelerated measures" "to strengthen the European banking system." 
from European Bankers Panic, Admit System Is Doomed
LONDON (AP) — The weekend plan to rescue Spain's ailing banks was supposed to boost confidence in Spain and the other 16 countries that use the euro. The skeptics said it would only provide temporary relief for the markets. In the end, it barely even did that.
from Europe crisis rages on despite Spain banks rescue

Well, just because they've been proven totally wrong time after time, to the point that the entire financial system is about to stop functioning, doesn't mean that we can get our advice somewhere else, because there is after all only one "free market." We couldn't possibly get our advice from someone with a proven, logical solution, i.e. LaRouche, because the wise men of the "free market" have called him "radical" and "extreme."