Saturday, June 2, 2012

Source for claim that NATO was behind Houla massacre

In a recent post, I mentioned that NATO black-ops terrorists had massacred the occupants of a hospital and then torched the hospital, without indicating where I obtained that information.  So, here  is the source for that claim:

However I would say, three on the ground eyewitness reports that I verify myself. First one comes from fides, fides is an Italian-roman Catholic missionary news service, and they point to the fact that what the reality of the Houla massacre is that these fighters, right extremists, al-Qaeda or Salafi, whatever they were; came in and started targeting the Armenian Christians and the roman Catholics, the Franciscans and some others. This is one package.
Then we have a Belgian website with an author called …..klemantes, which describes in detail, how it was done that THE HOSPITAL IN HOULA WAS BURNT DOWN AND THE PEOPLE THAT HAD BEEN TAKING REFUGE IN IT WERE SYSTEMATICALLY MASSACRED FROM UP-CLOSE BY THE DEATH SQUADS NOT BY THE GOVERNMENT.
Then we have the Russian journalist operating in Syria, Anhar Kochneva. You can look at some of the word that she has put on the Internet.
When you have actual eyewitnesses speaking in Arabic and it is translated into Russian but there is also a text which you can translate into English if you want to or some other languages, which is similarly the same thing.
They say that they are being oppressed by these death squads in effect and that they are angry with Kofi Annan and with Qatar for enabling them.
from The Houla Massacre: A War Provocation by the NATO Death Squads...

Tarpley then went on to describe a ghoulish tactic which these terrorists used for giving the impression of a greater atrocity than what actually occurred. The Syrian military would not have done such a thing, although I suppose British propagandists could come up with some twisted rationale for blaming Assad.

An MSM report on a subsequent massacre in a factory indicated that it had been committed by a pro-government militia.  However, considering that this slaughter is being used by the British empire as part of its "justification" for invading Syria, and that this was entirely predictable, it seems likely that NATO black-ops killers were behind this massacre too.