Sunday, June 10, 2012

The stampede into fascism

The bankers are desperate, for example, to prevent the Greek population from rejecting the austerity memorandum imposed on their country, in their second parliamentary election on June 17, because it will mean the implosion of their whole system. (They did succeed in intimidating the Irish into voting up the Fiscal Austerity Pact.) But the reality of the situation is that the monstrous bubble of debt is totally unpayable, even if all the fascist consolidation schemes of political or banking union in Europe were put into effect.
from European Bankers Panic, Admit System Is Doomed

Mammon's financial henchmen know that these debts are unpayable. That's why they created them by gambling, and foisted them on us as national debts, with the help of their prostitutes in governments, such as Congress. Their plan all along boils down to three simple steps:

A) Get the big guns/bombs
B) Destroy the economy
C) Kill billions of people to "fix" the economy

They WANT panic in order to ram through their planned fascist world order, and to give the impression that it's the only solution. They'll act as if they just realized the actual scale of the mess they've deliberately created, that nobody knows how to straighten it out, and that fascism is necessary to impose order on the resulting mayhem. The Third Reich was just a practice run. The HUMAN RACE, i.e. "Terra-ists," are their enemy.