Thursday, June 28, 2012

Waldo Canyon Fire: "I'll show you fast and furious!"

An FBI spokesman confirmed on Wednesday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is assisting El Paso County authorities in trying to figure out what started the Waldo Canyon fire, near Colorado Springs.
FBI involvement indicates that Arson is suspected. Since the 9/11 terrorists attacks, the FBI has been the designated lead agency in charge in incidents where terrorism is suspected - until it can be ruled out.
Up to half of the nation's firefighters are now fighting the raging Colorado Springs wildfire, as residents continue to scramble to shelters after what is being described as a night of terror – and arson is suspected.

I think it's interesting that such a fire, which is suspected of being arson-caused, started so soon after the Fast and Furious investigation became focused on Obama. It would also provide a good opportunity to prove that he's not fiddling while Rome is burning, perhaps explaining why the FBI started its investigation so quickly. Another interesting aspect is its proximity to a ley line, which might explain its visceral impact. Maybe it was started there precisely because it would serve as a good distraction from Fast and Furious.  If you don't think that Obama or those who lurk in the shadows of his adminstration are capable of such monstrousness, search this blog for entries on the Al Majalah massacre.