Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why does fate of "major economies" hang on Greek vote?

Greece voted Sunday amid global fears that victory by parties that have vowed to cancel the country's international bailout agreements and accompanying austerity measures could undermine the European Union's joint currency and pitch the world's major economies into another sharp downturn.
from Greeks vote as major economies watch closely

This made no sense until I converted "major economies" into its numerical equivalent, i.e. 155, i.e. 11, i.e. organized Satanism or the British empire.  I can't tell whether this article is a threat, or a call for organized Satanism to rig the vote (I know that it staffs polling places in the US, and passes out those "I voted" [9 66, i.e. 666] stickers), but the implication is that the bailouts go to the British empire and organized Satanism, so that it can "privatize" the entire world under Mammon's rule.

For example, while internet privacy advocates periodically raise the alarm over potential governmental snooping, "the private sector" [>204>6] lurking behind ISPs constantly monitors everything that certain people do with their computers, as long as they're connected to the internet. Often, they deny me access to the internet. Firewalls are no impediment to them, since they designed them and know how to get around them. If your computer's wi-fi is enabled, they'll use that if necessary, assuming there's a member of the team within range, and there almost always is, since they pretty much control all the real estate on the planet, and thus, what happens there. The only thing getting in the way is the need to pretend that society is ruled by laws, although Nerobama's habit of ignoring laws shows that the Constitution, as Bush supposedly put it, is just a "GD piece of paper."