Sunday, July 8, 2012

America's pod-ocracy drops more hints (Rev A)

(Rev A - added Note 1) 

At least 21 people have been killed in drone strikes in Pakistan's North Waziristan days after the South Asian country agreed to reopen the NATO supply routes into Afghanistan.
The initial strike on a house killed nine. Then three others were killed in a second attack when they drove to the site to recover dead bodies. And a third drone killed another three five minutes later, a senior security official in Peshawar told the AFP news agency.
A similar attack in the region on Sunday killed six.
from Many dead in triple Pakistan drone strike

Maybe there was a strike, but then, maybe not. Who knows? The media fabricates stories so often that the line between fact and fiction has largely disappeared, and I think that's one of their goals. (Note that all of the casualty figures in the excerpt above are derived from 3,6, and 9.) This is as much a war on the minds of Americans as it is on the minds of those who live in the "terrorist haven" du jour. It torments us to believe that these things are happening, that our government is capable of such crimes (of that there is no doubt), and that it's just a matter of time before it gets around to us. This is an aspect of creating Hell on Earth in order to drive the human spirit out of the world, or as Orwell put it, "the obliteration of the self."  (The human spirit, and not some instinct magically arising from the random motion of particles, IS the self.)

By using the tactic of attacking densely-packed residential areas (as indicated by the photo found by scrolling down in this article), and then attacking those who come to help any survivors, "our" government (i.e. the particular division of organized Satanism in charge of our military, wrapped in the flag and the aura of the actual soldiers being ground up by this "war") is daring us to recognize its true nature, and the nature of the Satanic, anti-human reign of terror known as the "war on terror." (For the origins of this strategy of bombing civilians, see this page.) It's also daring us to realize that it, as a branch of Satan's "Invisible Empire" (>101 66), is the SOURCE of the terrorism, and that "Islamic" terrorists either work for it, or are simply average people whom it has labeled "militants" to "justify" its own terrorism. 

If you consider the tactic of attacking those who come to help any survivors of the first drone attack, on the supposed basis that they're "militants," you'll realize that they're practically begging us to see through the "war on terror" cover story. Are we supposed to believe that only "militants" live in the area, and that only "militants" would come to help?  Isn't is possible that they're simply concerned neighbors?

The related claim is that any group of military-aged males working together, carrying rifles and loading "bombs" into trucks, fit the profile of a terrorist cell, which is absurd because it is common for people in these places to carry rifles, and there is no way to identify bombs with any certainty from drone-camera video.

The NY Times "kill list" article shed some light on the mindset of those BEHIND these "signature strikes" (i.e. those who designate the targets - not necessarily those who control the drones) by reporting that they sometimes call them "crowd kills," which is one of those clumsy phrases that just so happens to convert to "magical" numbers - in this  case 63 63, i.e. 9 9. This is an admission that the actual target is "crowds," i.e. any gathering, which is the basis of a society. This supports my oft-repeated claim that the "war on terror" is a war on civilization and mankind. The use of the term "crowd kills" is practically a confession from these faceless, cowardly appendages of Beelzebub, far removed from any danger, with the ability to attack with utter stealth and overwhelming force, and utterly obliterate their victims. [1] Come to think of it, isn't Obama one of those who designates targets, and doesn't he supposedly derive some sick pleasure from watching the attacks?

[1] This has somehow become equated with valor, when it's a technological capability which should require proportionately greater accountability, although the stealth has been extended to accountability as well, because Satanists can't stand the light of day.  It's part of Nietzsche's "revaluation of all values," i.e. the Superman is "super" and invisible by virtue of doing things that would never cross the minds of people with consciences.  An unfortunate consequence of this is that he has to keep his "superiority" and his sick beliefs hidden.