Friday, July 6, 2012

Another piece of the facade known as "Barack Obama" falls off

Obama's apparent birth date coincides with the date of birth of an infant in Hawaii, Virginia Sunahara, who died the day after her birth. Her brother Duncan has recently attempted to obtain a copy of her long-form birth certificate to ensure that its sequential number was not identical with that now showing on the President's copy birth certificate, but was refused by the Hawaiian state court with no stated reason, despite the fact that Hawaiian law expressly allows anyone sharing a common ancestor the right to a copy.
from "Is the President the President?"

Oh, I'm sure that organized Satanism can come up with a slime job for Mr. Sunahara which will make him look like a liar, and which we will have to disprove. Then they'll heap some more ridicule on "birtherism." They must protect their "President"-puppet at all costs. Of course, the Hawaiian government can be trusted to pretend that he never made such a request. (Based on an interview with Sunahara, the government didn't refuse in writing, but simply gave him the runaround.)

One of my questions is whether Virginia Sunahara was MURDERED to provide "Obama" with a US birth certificate.