Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bankers' dictatorship offers states more of its economic "wisdom"

Paul Volcker's "State Budget Crisis Task Force" has just issued a new report blaming rising healthcare costs and public employee pension funds for the blowout of state and local budgets, while completely covering up the LIBOR rate-fixing crime spree which cost states and municipalities billions of dollars in losses on fraudulent "interest rate swaps" tied to the rigged LIBOR rate.
from Volcker-Shultz Gang Launch New Thug Operation to Protect LIBOR

Their actual message of these vampires is that the death rate isn't high enough yet.  

Meanwhile, their secret-government counterparts in the military are deciding who will be the "militants" and who will be the "collateral damage" in their next installment of drone-terror, i.e. sudden obliteration out of the blue, much like the financial effects of derivatives. They might also be deciding who will be the next US soldiers to be killed or maimed by an IED (such as just before returning home to their wife and family after several tours in Hell), which is another form of terror being used in the "war on terror." Making such decisions is a dirty job, but someone (or something) has to manage the planet.