Thursday, July 26, 2012

Did Holmes really booby-trap his apartment?

Now I'm certain that the "Dark Knight Rises" massacre was perpetrated by organized Satanism, including those in the FBI (>6 2 9, i.e. 6 11) who claim to be "investigating" it.  We can't trust anything coming out of the government or the media about it.  For example, we've been told that James Holmes booby-trapped his apartment, but what actual evidence do we have that he did? All we have are statements from the FBI, and some video of them doing things related to bomb removal. It makes more sense to assume that the FBI is lying.

Ultimately, we don't know anything about this massacre, other than the fact that the expressions of grief which we've seen are genuine, and that people were indeed murdered.  I could speculate about it for years, at the end of which I would know nothing more than I already know, including the fact that this massacre is an expression of our own government's intentions toward mankind, including us.  I also suspect it marks the beginning of a new phase in the collapse of the USA.  Dark night indeed. Our real government will need a really slick liar to play the part of President, so I doubt that Romney will make it.