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Hiroshima & Nagasaki atomic bombings: An atomic age "Jack the Ripper?" (Rev B)

(Rev B  - See Notes)

The true author of Hiroshima was the one of the most evil men ever to walk the face of this earth, and one of the leading Beast-Men of the 20th Century: Bertrand Russell. It was Russell and his cronies who induced Albert Einstein to write the letter to FDR urging the United States to launch a crash effort to develop an atomic bomb, on the spurious grounds that the Nazi Germans would otherwise do it first. As both Russell and his co-conspirator H.G. Wells had insisted, the objective of developing such terrible new weapons, was to make war so horrifying, that nations would willingly give up their sovereignty to a world dictatorship. Neither Russell nor Wells intended to actually abolish war; what they wanted to abolish, was the republican United States grounded in the American Revolution.
from 'Shock and Awe': Terror Bombing, From Wells and Russell to Cheney
Responsibility for the timing of the second bombing was delegated to Tibbets. Scheduled for 11 August against Kokura, the raid was moved earlier by two days to avoid a five day period of bad weather forecast to begin on 10 August.
from Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Those within approximately a six square mile area (for a 1 megaton blast) will indeed be close enough to "ground zero" to be killed by the gamma rays emitting from the blast itself.  Ghostly shadows of these people will be formed on any concrete or stone that lies behind them, and they will be no more.  They literally won't know what hit them, since they will be vaporized before the electrical signals from their sense organs can reach their brains.
from The Effects of Nuclear War [I believe I have read that being vaporized in a nuclear blast would interfere with the normal transition into the spiritual world, although I couldn't find any authoritative claims to this effect on the internet. I seems plausible, however.]
Yet, significantly, her killer had targeted Martha’s throat and lower abdomen, just as the Ripper would do with his victims. It is therefore possible that Martha Tabram, murdered in the early hours of AUGUST 7TH 1888 on the dark, first floor landing of George Yard Buildings, was the FIRST VICTIM to die at the hands of Jack the Ripper. [emphasis added]
from Martha Tabram - Jack the Ripper Victims
The face was gashed in all directions, the nose, cheeks, eyebrows, and ears being partly removed. The lips were blanched and cut by several incisions running obliquely down to the chin. There were also numerous cuts extending irregularly across all the features.
from Casebook: Jack the Ripper page on Mary Jane Kelly [last of the "canonical" Ripper victims]
Under this lies a fact never mentioned aloud, but tacitly understood and acted upon: namely, that the conditions of life in all three super-states are very much the same.  In Oceania the prevailing philosophy is called Ingsoc, in Eurasia it is called Neo-Bolshevism, and in Eastasia it is called by a Chinese name usually translated as Death-Worship, but perhaps better rendered as Obliteration of the Self.        
George Orwell, 1984

After noting in a recent entry that the gratuitous twin atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th, 1945 just happened to form a giant 11, the number of black magic (which Satanism pretends to be, as part of the bait used for luring suckers into its soul-trap), it occurred to me to consider the phases of the Moon on which these atrocities took place, and I was only fairly amazed after checking the phases of the Moon on the 6th and 9th, until I learned that the attack on Nagasaki was supposed to have occurred in Kokura on August 11th, so that the attack dates would have been the 6th and the 11th, 1945, when the phases of the Moon were as shown in the above images.  But the latter attack was moved to the 9th due to weather considerations, and the Moon's phase on that date was such that it was about a third as full as it was on the 11th, although what matters for the purposes of this entry is the phase on the intended date.

August 6th, 1945 was essentially precisely 57 years after the beginning of "the Ripper's" [1]  spree in London, just outside the gates of the City of London (Mammon's "home on Earth"), which has recently been spewing some sorry excuses for ignoring the call for Glass-Steagall by some factions of the British establishment, and which is no doubt behind the suppression of NAWAPA, the lack of which is destroying the US, as intended.

But even more interesting is the fact that the twin bombings [2] took place almost exactly 66 years after the fall of the Spirits of Darkness, in September 1879. So, these diabolical, "two-horned" attacks ("horns" are also reflected in the image above) can be seen as the observance of the 66th anniversary of the fall of the Spirits of Darkness, a group of Satanic Angels which I suspect drove Andrea Yates to kill her five children, who were all named after Biblical heroes, i.e. servants of God. It was as if to say "Satan was here."

I assume that that the primary purpose of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was to announce organized Satanism's attainment of nuclear weapons (the British empire instigated the development of the Bomb, although it used American scientists, in the Manhattan [>92>11] Project, to accomplish what it could not, and it pressured Truman into using them), and control over the US government, via British imperial subversion of our intelligence agencies during the US-UK alliance to defeat the British Frankenstein monster known as Hitler. The Ripper's spree was intended as an announcement of the Devil's New Age (in which Luciferic delusion plays a major part) and the beginning of the concomitant fake "Apocalypse" of Satan.

The attacks, in my opinion, also served as a hint of the Devil's ultimate intent toward mankind: its utter and eternal obliteration, as did the attack on "the Ripper's" final victim. For more on the Ripper, click on the "Jack the Ripper" category-label on this blog's home page.

Divide and Rule: Fundamental British imperial strategy

The same British empire also put Germany and Japan into the empire-building business, leading to WWII. Then, the British empire instigated the development of nuclear weapons, and eventually "persuaded" Truman (whose clothing-business experience naturally qualified him to become leader of the "free world") to drop both of our nukes on Japan, as the culmination of a horrendous campaign of firebombing civilian areas (see "Shock and Awe" article), even though Japan was in the process of surrendering, and the ultimate terms of surrender were essentially the same as those to which Japan had agreed before the bombings.

In other words, the nuclear bombing of Japan was indeed gratuitous, thus epitomizing what the US had become as a result of combining American and British intelligence to defeat the Axis which the British empire had  created: Satan's dumb giant, which is dumb only because the British empire has been dumbing the US down since its inception, but especially so since it created a global newspaper empire in the late 19th century, shortly after the fall of the Spirits of Darkness, masters of disinformation who are terrified at the prospect of human development. This would explain why the British imperial "war on terror" bears such a striking resemblance to a war on civilization.


Rev A: Added initial quote, rearranged subsequent quotes for better flow, and added indication that the British empire pressured Truman into nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Rev B: Added two paragraphs under heading Divide and Rule: Fundamental British imperial strategy

[1] "The Ripper," in my opinion, actually consisted of the leadership of the Isis-Urania Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, who were protected by high-ranking officials of the London Metropolitan Police who belonged to the Quatuor Coronoti lodge of the Scottish Rite.  Both were and probably still are fronts for Satanism.
[2] A theme in common with the controlled demolition of the WTC's Twin Towers, lamely disguised as "Islamic" terrorism. Note that by simply refusing to admit the truth, the lie became the basis for US government policy.