Friday, July 27, 2012

MSM again relegates possession to the Twilight Zone

(Rev A - see Notes)

James Holmes: The Devil Made Him Do It implies that James Holmes perpetrated the "Batman massacre" alone, and it makes the following claims and insinuations, based on supposed insights provided by an anonymous supposed exorcist, without providing any evidence:

A) That demonic possession is rare, and resembles schizophrenia. This reflects organized Satanism's tactic of mischaracterizing itself and its subsidiary activities in order to hide them in plain sight. In fact, it is not so rare, and it would probably manifest itself as a propensity to torment, torture, kill and destroy in a manner that can be concealed or attributed to someone else, or explained as accidental or for some good purpose, such as seen over and over again in the Satanic reign of terror called "war on terror." So, even in the highly unlikely case that Holmes perpetrated this massacre alone, I would not attribute it to demonic possession, although perhaps possession by Spirits of Darkness, for whom taking possession is easier, thus making their "hosts" disposable (except when they need someone with special talents to achieve a particular goal). But because of the amount of BS surrounding this incident, I can't be certain what if any role Holmes played, other than taking the blame, either voluntarily for some reward (such as being released, etc., once civilization collapses), or under duress.

B) That not even the best "experts" on the subject of possession can say anything definite about it.  Still, they're the experts. The same goes for economics - the "best experts" fed to us by the British imperial media can't seem to find a solution to the crisis, but Congress still bases its policies on the "advice" of these "experts." The reason they're the "experts" ultimately comes down to their ability to lie, and the propensity of those in positions of power who ignore their "advice" to lose power, or their life. LaRouche has logical, proven solutions, but when the media isn't ignoring him, it's calling him a "radical extremist."

C) Assigns possession to the same Twilight Zone category as alien implants (an obvious allusion to demonic possession) and crop circles (>52 69, i.e. 121 i.e. 11x11), the latter of which I assume are produced by organized Satanism on land owned by Satanists (who hide their complicity by complaining about crop loss), which by now has the deed to practically every Higgs boson in the universe.

Organized Satanism is behind the "UFO craze." (Probably not coincidentally, Satan was the original "space alien" by virtue of the fact that while a spiritual being, he inserted himself into the spatial realm.) Their reason for creating hoaxes is to lie for the sake of lying, which besides gratuitous cruelty is a major aspect of Satanism. They also charge people money for their lies, which are disguised as "inside" knowledge.

D) Claims that the knowledge about possession was already arcane in the 17th century, as if Rudolf Steiner, with his combination of intelligence and clear spiritual perception, never existed. Steiner tip-toed around the subject of Satanism, probably to avoid getting killed, because it was just entering its mass-recruitment phase at that time. So, it's necessary to read between the lines to find his allusions to Satanism.

In fact, what we "know" about demonic possession from arcane sources consists of organized Satanism's earliest efforts to mischaracterize itself. Its top priority was to define possession out of existence, as part of its efforts to prevent everyone, especially its members, from recognizing its true nature and purpose. Even such incidents as the Salem Witch Trials, which were CONDUCTED by witches, were intended to mischaracterize Satanism, while perpetrating advanced SRA right under everyone's noses. But by that time, it had pretty much banished the awareness of possession from everyone's minds, so that nobody realized that the trials WERE Satanism (as were the trials related to Meredith Kercher's ritual murder at the hands of Rudy Guede, Mignini's "poor unfortunate" fellow member of organized Satanism), and that they were intended to induce possession in those conducting them, or as a means of waving the true nature of possession under their noses.

E) That possession is the consequence of succumbing to the temptation to do something really low, and implies that this is akin to sociopathy.

It is a mistake to compare sociopaths to humans, because sociopaths lack conscience. Having a conscience is a matter of absorbing the Christ Impulse to some extent, which doesn't require belonging to a particular religion. In my opinion, it's just a lack of opportunity to revel in some scummy deed that prevents a sociopath from becoming a pod, and I suspect that organized Satanism makes an effort to identify sociopaths, recruit them, and hasten this process.

It's not easy to convert a human with a conscience into a pod, so Satanism has to lure them into its trap with lies, and manipulate them into Dionysian abandonment. This, I gather, cultivates an "initial" form of possession by a class of Satanic being known as "Jupiter men," which is a group of humans who fell behind evolutionarily, dwelled "on" Jupiter for a while (in evolutionary terms), and currently dwell in the Satanic "underworld," where they fall under the control of Satan's key underworld lieutenant, the arch-demon Mammon/Beelzebub.

Becoming possessed in this manner is not a matter of succumbing to an evil temptation - it is a matter of deliberately cultivating lovelessness, or a sense of being a Nietzschean superman "conquering" human compassion (which Crowley reviled), while abandoning oneself to one's lowest nature. Normal humans instinctively avoid sex without love (which is indeed "supernatural," and very complex), because sex without love is empty. However, "extreme" sex without love is the stuff of the outermost circles of Satanism, commonly disguised as Hellfire Clubs and the like.

Rev A - Split C) into two parts and rewrote the latter one for clarity.