Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tom Junod's slick patch on a hole in the "war on terror" cover story

"You know, most of the people reading this piece are saying that you think that this policy is a bad thing," he said. "YOU DON'T SAY THAT AT ALL. There's just a current of unease running through the piece that makes people come to that conclusion." In the course of our conversation, I CAME TO BELIEVE THAT HE UNDERSTOOD THAT UNEASE BECAUSE HE SHARED IT. 
from Secrets and World Ties: Obama's Killer Contradiction by Tom Junod in Esquire Politics Blog
Moreover, I talked to a source familiar with the targeting process who told me that the people involved in the life-or-death decisions of the Obama administration OFTEN DO NOT KNOW THE CREDIBILITY OF INTELLIGENCE SOURCES. This was a highly informed and involved source who, when asked the most essential question — "how good is the intelligence?" — paused and finally couldn't answer. 
from What Happens When Assassination Replaces Torture? by Tom Junod in Esquire Politics Blog

I've been mulling over Tom Junod's writings about the drone program, and realized that he is the very slick disinformation agent I feared at the outset. My first reaction to the article (that it's a fairy tale intended to reinforce the "war on terror" cover story) was essentially correct. (As a rule of thumb, I automatically suspect any article that is trumpeted by the MSM as soon as it appears, even if it appears to be a bombshell exposé. Junod's articles constitute an apology for war criminals disguised as fretting over the morality of a process that led to the murder of an American teenager.) A blog entry or two later, I gave him credit for drawing our attention to the incident which killed Anwar al-Awlaki's son Abdulrahman, along with some other kids at his going-away party. (Some claim that he was deliberately targeted, and although I doubt it because it has allowed us to identify some drone-strike victims for once, I can't rule it out. His grandfather claims to be able to prove that Abdulrahman was on a kill-list, but as far as I can tell, he hasn't made his proof public.)

I also criticized Junod for leaving open the possibility that Obama has good motives, not yet realizing that the whole purpose of the article is to lead us to conclude that those who designate drone targets have good motives, but that their intelligence is shoddy and they're unwilling to admit it. (Remember Curveball?) This gambit is of course preferable to telling the truth, which is that innocent people are being deliberately targeted with very good intelligence (most of the time), as an aspect of Satanism's war on mankind.

Junod's articles are sprinkled with the average befuddled American's concerns about the drone program, in order to portray himself as an average guy who thoroughly investigated it by interviewing those who run it (who can be trusted because they seem like such nice guys), and not surprisingly concluded that drone strikes are the best approach to fighting terrorists, despite their problems. (Of course, he doesn't question the fundamental assumption about the "war on terror," i.e. that it's a war on terror, when it's actually a Satanic reign of terror.) But he is in fact mocking the average American, who is incapable of comprehending the sheer evil of "their" government.

I found Junod's account of a supposed phone call from a supposed drone-program insider to be particularly interesting.  This supposed insider supposedly explained Obama's stonewalling in regard to the incident which killed Abdulrahman al-Awlaki as a necessary part of making secret agreements with countries which supposedly need our help with fighting terrorists, but don't want to admit to their constituents they they need help. My response to this claim is that it's absurd because it is widely known that American drones have been terrorizing Yemen, for example. It seems more likely that this "requirement of non-acknowledgement" (a euphemism for refusing to admit the ugly truth) is not being imposed by Yemen onto the US (in this case), but by our secret government upon Yemen.  600-pound gorillas don't make deals - they take what they want. The effect of refusing to admit the horrible reality is to allow it to continue, to turn more Yemenis into "terrorists," and ultimately to turn Yemen into Hell on Earth in the name of fighting terrorism.