Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vietnam: American pod-ocracy's 2nd major "war"

The United States dropped more bombs on the Southeast Asian nation than it did on Germany and Japan combined in World War Two in a futile effort to destroy North Vietnamese supply lines to the South along the Ho Chi Minh trail.
More than three decades after the Vietnam War's end, the country is still struggling to rid itself of an estimated 80 million cluster munitions and other unexploded ordnance that kill and maim as many as 100 people a year.
Clinton's roughly four-hour stop in the one-party Communist state was the first by a U.S. secretary of state since John Foster Dulles visited Vientiane in 1955. 
from In Laos, Clinton grapples with Vietnam War legacy

"Well, we were just trying to stop Godless Communism, on Satan's orders.  Since we weren't TRYING to destroy the country and turn it into Hell on Earth, we really did nothing wrong."

The unnecessary twin nuking of Japan on a couple of "magical" dates, which formed a giant 11, served to announce America's new management, which took over as soon as they apparently murdered FDR at the most convenient time for them. They actually began to take over during WWII, thanks to our alliance with the British empire and the co-mingling of our intelligence agencies. Then there was the Korean war with its "inexplicable" atrocities, followed by the atrocity known as the Vietnam war, which was the previous generation's "war on terror."  In a nutshell, its purpose was indeed to create Hell on Earth and to allow organized Satanism to conduct advanced SRA on a vast scale.  Then, when the American victims of that "war" returned home, organized Satanism did its best to blame them for its own crimes, as part of their "mental health" treatment, which Orwell called "the obliteration of the self." When the memories of Pol Pot began to fade, we turned Vietnam into a "free trade" sweatshop, completing its liberation from slavery.