Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Would the British-suppressed NAWAPA have prevented recent extreme weather? (Rev A)

(Rev a - see Notes)

Among the many contradictions which the British empire's disinformation mills hope will never be brought together, annihilating each other in something like a matter-antimatter reaction, are the excuses it uses for "free trade" (i.e. the abandonment of mankind to the whims of the oligarchy), and the ones it used to deprive us of NAWAPA.  For example, we are constantly told that the essence of "free trade" in competitiveness, and on the other hand we read of such things as "economic hit men" dispatched by the British empire which are used to eliminate "free trade's" competition. 

When it comes to farming, water is a major element of competitiveness, but no "free trader" is heard demanding NAWAPA, which is the most competitive solution to our water shortage. So, by "competition," they apparently mean that we can compete to the death with each other over shortages, but not at all with the "invisible" British empire, with its monopoly on economic policies and credit-issuance (through its "independent" [>110] central banks).  Indeed, they predict competition in the form of water wars all over the place, which they prefer to water projects because war helps to eradicate us from their planet, and to keep the survivors under their thumb.

The excuses for depriving us of NAWAPA are so pathetic that the oligarchy prefers to ignore the fact that it's "shovel-ready," and to make examples of those who would force it to justify its opposition. These excuses, from what I've seen, boil down to "you're not getting OUR water" (showing their true attitude toward the US) even though it wouldn't be missed, since it's such a small percentage of the total, and the lack of water is destroying the country which some British agents claim to represent. So, when at first NAWAPA was seriously proposed by members of the US government, they were set upon by certain rabid British agents within our government (mainly Henry "Scoop" Jackson, the inspiration for the rabidly neo-con Henry Jackson Society), to make an example of what happens to those who advocate NAWAPA and have the power to implement it.

Although I'm not a weather/climate expert, and proving a causal relationship between aquifer depletion and climate change would require long study by such experts, I doubt that it's a coincidence that our weather in recent years has been getting weirder and weirder, and more extreme, as our aquifers have reached critical levels of depletion.  I also suspect that the very reason this hasn't been studied by qualified experts is that there is actually no free trade in the realm of macroeconomic ideas, and NAWAPA and the notion of aquifer depletion destroying the USA are both off limits to any expert who wants to continue being a recognized expert. Note how BP has "invested" in "research" into the effects of the Gulf Gusher (for which we can partly thank deregulation rumored to have been rammed through by Dark Dick, whom Nerobama effectively pardoned because his crimes took place in the past, where Obama doesn't go - and BP's penny-pinching, which is oddly reserved for projects in US coastal waters).  In other words, they've sold their souls to protect those who have wreaked such devastation on the Gulf, perhaps deliberately, just as the Water Nazi might have wreaked havoc on other fundamental aspects of the environment and economy by telling the US "no water for you!"

Rev a - improved last two sentences.