Sunday, August 5, 2012

Maglev PRT IS a possibility after all

I did a little digging into the feasibility of maglev PRT (personal rapid transit) a while back and concluded that since nobody has devised a system yet, that it's probably not feasible to do so. Well, it turns out that Applied Levitation, LLC  HAS devised a feasible approach, and I don't know why I didn't find it during my previous attempt to find one. I don't think I did anything differently in my search this time around.

It appears, then, that the only thing between us and the transportation system of the 21st century is the ongoing economic crisis, which according to CBS News in this report, is due to a lack of demand. In fact, it's due to decades of the British empire's war on civilization and mankind. The way to win that war is to follow LaRouche's program, which starts with dumping British puppet Obama and the vast amounts of bogus debt created precisely in order to saddle us with unpayable debt and strangle the economy.  It then calls for adopting a truly American approach to economics, by creating a NATIONAL (not CENTRAL) bank dedicated to the common good (as opposed to the common evil of the oligarchy's central banks), and having it issue vast amounts of credit for projects that produce the most "bang for the buck" in terms of basic physical return, i.e. water, power, transportation, etc.  LaRouche's vision includes a vast transportation system known as the Land Bridge, along which would be build new cities of optimal size, powered by nuclear energy, and in many cases supplied by water from NAWAPA.