Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our British "allies" in the "war on terror" actually RUN terrorism

Senior Council on Foreign Relations fellow Ed Husain has hailed the presence of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, praising their fighting prowess in aid of FSA rebels while also lauding the increasing number of successful bombings carried out by Al-Qaeda fighters.
from CFR Strategist Praises Al-Qaeda Bombings In Syria

(The CFR poses as a think-tank but gets its policies from London.)
Three NATO troops have died in eastern Afghanistan in what local officials say was an attack by two suicide bombers.
from Suicide Bombers Kill 3 NATO Troops in Afghanistan
Fearing exposure of the double game with the Taliban they have been playing in Afghanistan, the British appear to have killed the journalist who was exposing it. 
from British Kill Afghan Journalist Who Exposed Their Double Game in Afghanistan

In other words, the Nietzschean/Satanist faction of the British military was helping the Taliban to kill American soldiers. This demonstrates how this evil faction divides itself up into "opposing" groups which pretend to be fighting each other, while actually attacking members of the human race. This also explains the mysterious resiliency of terrorist groups, and how "previously unknown" terrorist groups appear fully developed as if out of nowhere. It's not called "Londonistan" for nothing.