Monday, August 27, 2012

When thought-police attack: Fascism in the form of remote computer sabotage and Internet-access denial

On 8/15, my computer was disabled by a Microsoft Windows "security update,' undoubtedly at the behest of NSA dirty-ops. Luckily, my blog was not deleted, so far. I called Microsoft and got a lame cover story, to the effect that the update interacted with some software I had installed.  So, I got a Linux-based computer, only to find that my ISP (TransWorld Network) had begun to blatantly, deliberately deny me internet access and to refuse to answer my calls. Up to that point, it had only been abusing me intermittently. Seems like an odd way to treat a "crackpot."

It was probably no coincidence that one of the Burn Notice episodes rerun that evening involved an attempt by the NSA on the life of the series' protagonist, Michael Weston, who had been trying to learn why he had been "burned" and by whom.

I might be back eventually, although only time will tell how thoroughly our diabolical, Venetian-style secret Orwellian government controls internet access.