Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Taliban: US dirty-faction's partners in the Af-Pak reign of terror

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Police say Taliban militants have pulled five Afghan civilians off a bus in eastern Afghanistan and shot them dead.
from Afghans: Taliban kill 5 civilians grabbed off bus
But the journalist who originally made the revelation to President Karzai [i.e. that British Special Ops had been seen delivering Taliban terrorists via helicopter to various locations], and was preparing another article about similar transport of militants by helicopter from Afghanistan to Xinjiang in western China, has in the meantime been shot by British military forces under mysterious circumstances.
from British Kill Afghan Journalist Who Exposed Their Double Game in Afghanistan

However, only in 1994—almost 15 years after the Soviet invasion began—did the world come to know about the rising force called the Taliban. Afghanistan had never had a politico-religious group of that name, nor had Afghans even heard about the group before. The Taliban was created as a handmaiden of outside forces, including:

• Saudi Arabia, which indoctrinated a group of Afghans by funding the establishment of thousands of madrassas inside Pakistan;
• The Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), which acted at the behest of Islamabad to gain control of Kabul through a proxy and dependent rag-tag group; and
• British intelligence, which saw the Taliban as a potent ally that would further British interests in Afghanistan and Central Asia by undermining all sovereign nationstates.
• All this, while Washington watched the development from a distance, essentially encouraging it.

To be precise, the Taliban is a laboratory product, created to unleash instability throughout the area. The instability is essential for the empire builders, and those who know how the British Empire was built in the 18th and 19th centuries, would recognize the phenomenon in a flash.
It also became evident in 2001, when the U.S. Special Forces, with the help of the Tajik-Uzbek-Hazara dominated Northern Alliance, breezed through Afghanistan and took control of the whole country in six weeks, that the Taliban could not fight. Although the Bush Administration did not divulge it at the beginning, IT SOON BECAME PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE THAT WASHINGTON HAD ALLOWED THE PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT TO RESCUE THOUSANDS OF AFGHAN TALIBAN, PAKISTANI ADJUNCTS OF THE TALIBAN, PAKISTANI ISI AND ARMY OFFICERS, AL-QAEDA VOLUNTEERS, AND ISLAMIC MOVEMENT OF UZBEKISTAN (IMU) MEMBERS FROM THE NORTHERN AFGHAN CITY OF KUNDUZ. It is almost a replay of how the bin Laden family members were spirited out of the United States, just hours after the 9/11 attacks, when the entire airspace of the United States was under lockdown.

The defeated Taliban and al-Qaeda had fled to Kunduz after losing battles across the north of the country, and many were surrendering. But then, something inexplicable happened. Over a three-day period, Pakistani military planes made non-stop flights in and out of the Kunduz airport, which was controlled by the Taliban. All the important Taliban commanders and Pakistanis escaped along a safe-flight corridor, supposedly guaranteed by the Americans. That airlift, which American soldiers called “Operation Airlift of Evil,” made the Northern Alliance soldiers livid. The Indian government sent diplomatic protest notes to the American and British governments. The Kunduz airlift story became available to the world much later, when a high-level CIA officer, Gary Berntsen, who was reportedly the second-in-command during the operation, described it in his book.
from Look Who Created the Taliban: Saudi Arabia and the Brits
by Ramtanu Maitra (to find article, Google title)

I'm assuming that the "Taliban" who committed this crime (and it was simply cold-blooded murder - no honorable warrior would do such a thing) are the variety that work for the British empire with the purpose of "unleashing instability," as stated in the above excerpt. As in the case of the attempted murder of Malala Yousufzai (the Pakistani girl crusader for girls' education), it seems like something intended to provoke "reprisals" by the small US Sat, uh, dirty faction, which of course won't kill those responsible, since they're actually working with their ostensible enemies, and waging war on mankind together with a false narrative superimposed upon it by the government and media.