Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The sadistic decarbonators known as "AIDS doctors"

(HealthDay News) – New recommendations propose HIV screening for all individuals aged 15–65 years, and for all pregnant women, according to a draft recommendation statement issued Nov. 20 by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).
Noting that 20%–25% of the 1.2 million people in the United States living with HIV infection do not know that they are HIV-positive, researchers from the USPSTF drafted a recommendation for HIV screening in the United States.
from HIV Screening Recommended for All 15- to 65-Year Olds

Why would the torturer-murderers called "AIDS doctors" want to expose themselves for what they are by going after a lot of people who actually have a clue? For those who've been living on another planet since the late 80's, I suggest reading Peter Duesberg's book Inventing the AIDS

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good, evil, freedom, destiny, and necessity

Today when Christ is destined to appear again in the etheric body, when a kind of Mystery of Golgotha is to be experienced anew, evil will have a significance akin to that of birth and death for the fourth post-Atlantean epoch! In the fourth epoch the Christ impulse was born out of the forces of death for the salvation of mankind. We can say that we owe the new impulse that permeated mankind to the event on Golgotha. Thus by a strange paradox mankind is led to a renewed experience of the Mystery of Golgotha in the fifth epoch through the forces of evil.
from The Historical Significance of the Scientific Mode of Thinking
By passing over into the "Age of Light" [in 1900] mankind is exposed to evil in a way never before experienced, in order that he may be enable to find the good.  One could also say that the veil that formerly concealed the spiritual world has been torn aside and that thereby the spiritual beings work directly, unadorned and unreservedly upon human beings. 
from Christ and Antichrist by Peter Tradowsky, p 5

I've long stated that the fake Apocalypse is an aspect of the actual Apocalypse, although I'm not sure I've make myself clear about the sense of this statement.  Although at one level it is intended to usher in a global fascist/Satanic/Orwellian order designed to drive the human spirit out of the world, there are higher levels of spiritual beings with other agendas, as implied by the above quotations. They also imply that Satanism is being used by these higher levels to achieve good purposes over the long term, and that it has been deliberately unleashed at this time by these higher levels. 

On the other hand, I've often felt as if I were being pushed from within to write this blog ("... spiritual beings work directly, unadorned and unreservedly upon human beings ..."), although I no longer feel this pressure, at least as often.  It seems to have been replaced by a sense of uncertainty and hesitancy.

But I thought I should make the existence of this higher agenda more explicit because it's getting closer to crunch time, and I think that providing a higher perspective might give people more of the spiritual perspective they will need to maintain hope. I was considering trying to expound further along these lines, but I realized that I'm not qualified to do so. Luckily for mankind, its fate doesn't depend on whether I can fathom the thoughts of the aforementioned higher spiritual beings who guide us to our destiny, partly through the use of disparate influences.

Microshaft Windows security is just a show

As mentioned previously, my old Windows XP laptop died completely upon rebooting it after a "security update" on 8/15, and Microsoft let me know in unsubtle terms that it had deliberately taken out my computer. I tried to diagnose it, and eventually decided that it wasn't worth the effort and likely cost, and put a higher priority on my plan to migrate to Ubuntu. Because of my situation, the loss of my computer, the subsequent total denial of service by my "ISP" (Transworld Network, whose Satanic nature is written into its terms of service, for those who know how to interpret the clues), and the obvious attempt by organized Satanism (such as its division in Tiger Direct's "customer service" department) to prevent me from obtaining a replacement, made it very difficult for me to recover. 

To help others who are interested in making the switch to Ubuntu, I created a blog (here) that provides the sort of details which a Linux/Ubuntu-neophyte would probably need just to get "off the ground," from which point it would be fairly easy to learn whatever else they need to know. It has become a depository of useful Ubuntu/Linux-related information in general, but it includes the sort of information I needed just to get booted up, to get on the internet, and to make some basic settings, such as text-editor background color, which I assume everyone would want to know to make it easier to use their computer.

While I'm taking a swipe at Microshaft, I should mention that if you're looking for an inexpensive "Linux computer" [1] you can get a mini-PC such as a Zotac without a hard drive, and use a flash drive instead of a disc drive (although you'll want plenty of memory to avoid the need for the OS to swap files between memory and the flash drive, because swapping takes a toll on flash memory). The flash drive would contain a "persistent" installation of Ubuntu, as detailed in my blog (here).

The recovery from the cyber-attack on my computer (launched by the no-soul-agency within the NSA, and mediated by Microshaft), included recovering the data from my old hard drive. To make a long story short, I got an IDE-to-USB adapter/case for about $7.50 (these cases include a tiny circuit board, including ICs, that interfaces the USB connector with the IDE connector), and plugged my old drive into it.  I then plugged the resulting external USB drive into my computer while booted up in Ubuntu. There at my disposal appeared all of the files - no password required. So much for Window's "military-grade" security! If someone were to steal your Windows computer, or its hard drive, they would have NO trouble accessing all of your files (although some of them, such as Word files, might have to be converted to another format), unless you had taken extra precautions. So, despite all of its show of having super-high security, Windows has essentially no security.  It's yet another indication that Microsoft's top priorities are spying on us, sabotaging our computers, and abusing us by making us jump through all kinds of hoops for supposed protection from spies and saboteurs. Sure, it's slick, but I'll a little privacy from Borg Brother over a slick, automated interface, every day. 

[1] There really IS no such thing as a "Linux computer" - there are PCs, which can run Windows or Linux. I suppose there might be some machines which Linux uses more completely than others by virtue of having the right hardware drivers. (A hardware driver is a program that interfaces the OS to the hardware, in addition the hardware drivers provided by the BIOS (which cover all of the typical functions). If a computer has some unusual hardware, such as an advanced video processor, the OS might need the driver that comes with the video processor to be able to make use of its advanced capabilities. But if Linux in general contains drivers that give it more control over certain computers, I guess that would qualify them as "Linux computers."

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Drought solution: decarbonation

While companies in the Great Lakes region and other parts of middle America long counted on water being cheap and plentiful, they now realize they must conserve because finding new water sources is difficult and expensive — if it can be done at all.

"You've got to plan for the worst, and be prepared for that," said Brad Crookshank, the wastewater superintendent for ADM's corn processing plant in Decatur. "There's not a lot of low-hanging fruit for additional water supplies."
from Drought, water scare gets attention of agribusiness giant ADM

But they're probably considering the addition of ethanol-fired distillers for the bodily fluids of useless eaters in their Soylent Green factories.  "NAWAPA? Never heard of it."

Friday, November 16, 2012

Whatever the explanation, it can't be Darwinism

Scientists have made an interesting discovery recently that sheds new light on prehistoric human ancestors and how they hunted food. The scientists have discovered that ancestors to modern man began hunting with spears tipped with sharpened stones 500,000 years ago. The discovery shows that our ancestors were hunting with spears 200,000 years earlier than we previously believed.
from Prehistoric human ancestors hunted with spears half a million years ago

The insinuation behind this piece is that Darwinism is right, since this discovery disproves "creationism."  Neither view is correct - they were both concocted by organized Satanism to foment conflict, as can be seen in the deliberately-polarized comments below the article. 

The mere use of spears 200K years ago doesn't prove anything about how this came to be.  Darwinism has been proven to be so unlikely that it is impossible, so another explanation is required, such as a group-soul consciousness ("hive mind") which controlled these beings like a colony of bees. Even Darwin expressed doubts about "his" theory, which was concocted by the Satanic high command (i.e. the Satanic circles of the British oligarchy) at the beginning of the age of Satan (followed shortly by Nietzsche and Jack the Ripper, i.e. the Golden Dawn's announcement of the dawn of the age of Satan - blatantly depicted by the locations of the murder-scenes), and attributed to Darwin.  (Note that Darwin is buried in Westminster Abbey, which I surmise was part of the deal.) 

Reality, including the reality of evolution, is too complex and bizarre for human comprehension, at least at this stage in our evolution. Darwinism's crude attempt to reduce us all to a conglomeration of particles arranged by chance appeals to gullible, rebellious, and horny youth in search of a justification for rejecting the Old Testament's fraudulent teachings about God imposing morality through terror of eternal torture. (For a scholarly view of the Old Testament, see From Babylon to Jerusalem: The Genesis of the Old Testament here.)  It is partly intended to allow us to disbelieve in the spiritual world (having freedom requires that we be allowed to make mistakes), and partly intended to con them into accepting an existentialist, then Nietzschean, then in some cases Crowleyan/Satanic outlook, with the ultimate attempt of leading them into a combination of Dionysian activity with a contemptuous/nihilistic/sociopathic attitude, which is one of the most likely means for Satanic beings to establish a foothold ("magical powers") in the human soul.  This doesn't mean that it will ultimately lead to demonic possession - there is a variety of Satanic beings who are all inimical to mankind.  However, if SRA is pursued to its ultimate end (repetitive sadism, a.k.a. "ritual" abuse), demonic possession is a possibility.  There isn't much that I can claim to be purely evil, but deliberate torture, including psychological torture with the intent of driving the human spirit out of the world forever, is a prime candidate. 

So, both Darwinism and other types of religious fundamentalism should be shunned on scientific grounds.  We are spiritual beings undergoing an evolutionary process within bounds imposed by higher spiritual beings whose "tough love" can be really tough to bear, and can seem to some of us with insufficient understanding to be evil.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Windows NSA 8 gets its first "security update" two whole weeks after release

Windows 8, available publicly for two weeks now, is getting its first security update Nov. 13. It includes three critical updates; Windows 8 RT, for Microsoft's Surface tablet, has one critical update.
from Windows 8 to get first 'critical' security update

The main thing being updated is the Thought Police's database.  You should just assume that if a computer is online, its operating system is serving up all of your data to the "NSA," i.e. the no-soul agency (i.e. the dirty faction of the NSA hiding behind the actual intelligence agency), and that it can destroy your computer remotely whenever it so desires.

The cover story about Windows NT (N S+A) having been designed to intelligence-agency security standards is wearing a bit thin. Bill Gates was recently said to be "worth" $66 billion, i.e. 66 exp9, i.e. 669 i.e. 666. Note that in Person of Interest, the designer of "The Machine" (which knows everything about everyone) is a geeky billionaire. Subtle.

You might as well get a Chromebook for all of your online activities - at least Google is upfront about storing your data on their databases, and there's no need to worry about those "rogue" hackers which somehow seem to elude the authorities (and Windows "security") for decades.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Darwinism proven again, based on the assumption that it's true (as if the thousands of other "proofs" were insufficient)

"When Africans left Africa and entered Neanderthal territory they had projectiles with greater killing reach," explains Professor Curtis Marean, an expert in stone weapons who was instrumental in the research.
from What made us human? Being ARMED with lethal ranged weapons: Early kill-tech let us beat Neanderthals, dominate world

As much as I appreciate Lewis Page's exposés of
the lies surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, I'm not going to sit idly by while he supports Satan's key lie known as Darwinism ("What made us human? - spear-chucking!"), which the "scientific" basis for all existentialist philosophies that if true would reduce the universe and us to amazing but ultimately meaningless accidents of the random motion of some supposed eternal particles which have yet to be discovered.  In fact, there are no ultimate particles - just spirit masquerading as particles.

The fact is that Darwinism is a laughingstock amongst actual scientists, who recognized its absurdity as soon as it was hatched by the British oligarchy and fed to the world as Darwin's "great discovery." (See the top of this blog's home page for a link to my page on Darwinism.) It just so happened to appear at the beginning of the age of Satan, shortly followed by Nietzsche's "philosophy" and the announcement of said age by the Ripper (i.e. The Golden Dawn's leadership), in London's impoverished area a stone's throw from Mammon's capital, the City of London (London's financial district).

Satanism was actually born when man obtained free will, and Satan set about to seize it by feeding us lies, probably sometime in the intellectual-soul era. It evolved in great secrecy over the centuries and reared its ugly head for the first time most apparently within the Venetian oligarchy, thus explaining the likes of Paolo Sarpi [1] and Amanda Knox's Grand Inquisitor Giuliano Mignini. Darwinism is one of its biggest lies (note the characteristic materialism - "you're nothing but particles"), which not coincidentally made its appearance at the beginning of its mass-recruitment phase.

This doesn't mean that you're going to Hell for having sex without being married, or even that God would condemn anyone to eternal torture. But this isn't a license to cultivate loveless abandonment to your sexual instincts, in which others are essentially used as sex toys, because this is probably the main way that Satanic beings get their foot in the door, and start to turn you into their tool in their war against mankind.

[1] Marlowe's Faustus on Sarpi: "Go, and return an old Franciscan friar: That holy shape becomes a devil best." It was Sarpi who devised certain of "Calvin's" and "Luther's" doctrines, such as that of salvation via grace, which is a license to commit evil, and implies that God loves evil-doers but not their victims. That's why He created karma, which can SEEM like eternal Hell.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Is it a hard job? Maybe too hard for any government?

Officials say thousands of New Yorkers left without heat after Superstorm Sandy might need to leave their homes as temperatures plummet, but it's not clear where they'll go.
from New York faces 'massive housing problem' after Sandy, governor says

This is just the beginning of a Haiti-like ordeal for many of these people. When the destruction of civilization is the main agenda, there can be no good solution for them, from the perspective of a sane humanist. Some lucky ones will get the help they need, but many will be consigned to one hellish situation after another. Our government, or the organizations which we believe to BE our government, will concentrate on blowing smoke to "explain" their "failure."  It can send our military to the other side of the planet for a decade, but it won't be able to help these people.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy exposes myth of "war on terror"

(Reuters) - Most New York City schools reopened and millions of commuters fought huge crowds on public transportation on Monday, a week after superstorm Sandy devastated the U.S. Northeast and created lingering hardship for disaster victims as winter sets in.
Living conditions remained severe for tens of thousands of people unable to return to their homes, and some 1.4 million homes and businesses were due to endure another night of near-freezing temperatures without power or heat.
from Sandy still causing nightmare commute, housing crisis

What would we have done if some "Islamic terrorist" had set off a dirty bomb in NYC?  It would have been uninhabitable, so why weren't there any plans for such a contingency, such as mass evacuation centers?  Did our government somehow know that it really wouldn't happen, because IT runs "Islamic terrorism?" 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Excuses of the decarbonators

   A Decarbonator

On the eve of the meeting, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble insisted that Greece and other highly-indebted members of the eurozone had to continue with austerity programs. In a bid to deflect criticism from other major powers, he said the G-20 should not focus exclusively on the eurozone but should direct attention to the “fiscal cliff” in the US—the massive spending cuts to be initiated after the presidential election—and the mounting debt problems in Japan. “The United States and Japan bear as great a responsibility for (ensuring stability) as we Europeans,” he stated.

from New Turn in the Euro Zone Financial Crisis

So says the free-market dictatorship that ordered the creation of bottomless pits of bogus debt to be foisted on humanity at the point of a gun to "justify" their blood-sucking.  Note that they seem incapable of comprehending the fact that attempting to pay unpayable debt, in the name of saving the economy, will destroy the economy. In fact, they always intended to destroy the economy, and have just switched from the bubble-blowing phase to the blood-sucking phase. Their economic plan boils down to planetary depopulation, and "global warming" is just another excuse for such "decarbonation." 

So, it's important to realize that God intends mankind to continue to exist, and that we therefore will, although we will disappear for a while before returning in a higher form. It's also important to keep solving problems, to listen to our gut and our conscience, and to avoid taking any wooden messiahs who would have us believe that this phase of the Apocalypse is its entirety, when in fact the real Apocalypse will last tens of thousands of years and will have little resemblance to the British oligarchy's Fundy "interpretation" of Revelation.