Sunday, November 4, 2012

Excuses of the decarbonators

   A Decarbonator

On the eve of the meeting, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble insisted that Greece and other highly-indebted members of the eurozone had to continue with austerity programs. In a bid to deflect criticism from other major powers, he said the G-20 should not focus exclusively on the eurozone but should direct attention to the “fiscal cliff” in the US—the massive spending cuts to be initiated after the presidential election—and the mounting debt problems in Japan. “The United States and Japan bear as great a responsibility for (ensuring stability) as we Europeans,” he stated.

from New Turn in the Euro Zone Financial Crisis

So says the free-market dictatorship that ordered the creation of bottomless pits of bogus debt to be foisted on humanity at the point of a gun to "justify" their blood-sucking.  Note that they seem incapable of comprehending the fact that attempting to pay unpayable debt, in the name of saving the economy, will destroy the economy. In fact, they always intended to destroy the economy, and have just switched from the bubble-blowing phase to the blood-sucking phase. Their economic plan boils down to planetary depopulation, and "global warming" is just another excuse for such "decarbonation." 

So, it's important to realize that God intends mankind to continue to exist, and that we therefore will, although we will disappear for a while before returning in a higher form. It's also important to keep solving problems, to listen to our gut and our conscience, and to avoid taking any wooden messiahs who would have us believe that this phase of the Apocalypse is its entirety, when in fact the real Apocalypse will last tens of thousands of years and will have little resemblance to the British oligarchy's Fundy "interpretation" of Revelation.