Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Is it a hard job? Maybe too hard for any government?

Officials say thousands of New Yorkers left without heat after Superstorm Sandy might need to leave their homes as temperatures plummet, but it's not clear where they'll go.
from New York faces 'massive housing problem' after Sandy, governor says

This is just the beginning of a Haiti-like ordeal for many of these people. When the destruction of civilization is the main agenda, there can be no good solution for them, from the perspective of a sane humanist. Some lucky ones will get the help they need, but many will be consigned to one hellish situation after another. Our government, or the organizations which we believe to BE our government, will concentrate on blowing smoke to "explain" their "failure."  It can send our military to the other side of the planet for a decade, but it won't be able to help these people.