Friday, November 16, 2012

Whatever the explanation, it can't be Darwinism

Scientists have made an interesting discovery recently that sheds new light on prehistoric human ancestors and how they hunted food. The scientists have discovered that ancestors to modern man began hunting with spears tipped with sharpened stones 500,000 years ago. The discovery shows that our ancestors were hunting with spears 200,000 years earlier than we previously believed.
from Prehistoric human ancestors hunted with spears half a million years ago

The insinuation behind this piece is that Darwinism is right, since this discovery disproves "creationism."  Neither view is correct - they were both concocted by organized Satanism to foment conflict, as can be seen in the deliberately-polarized comments below the article. 

The mere use of spears 200K years ago doesn't prove anything about how this came to be.  Darwinism has been proven to be so unlikely that it is impossible, so another explanation is required, such as a group-soul consciousness ("hive mind") which controlled these beings like a colony of bees. Even Darwin expressed doubts about "his" theory, which was concocted by the Satanic high command (i.e. the Satanic circles of the British oligarchy) at the beginning of the age of Satan (followed shortly by Nietzsche and Jack the Ripper, i.e. the Golden Dawn's announcement of the dawn of the age of Satan - blatantly depicted by the locations of the murder-scenes), and attributed to Darwin.  (Note that Darwin is buried in Westminster Abbey, which I surmise was part of the deal.) 

Reality, including the reality of evolution, is too complex and bizarre for human comprehension, at least at this stage in our evolution. Darwinism's crude attempt to reduce us all to a conglomeration of particles arranged by chance appeals to gullible, rebellious, and horny youth in search of a justification for rejecting the Old Testament's fraudulent teachings about God imposing morality through terror of eternal torture. (For a scholarly view of the Old Testament, see From Babylon to Jerusalem: The Genesis of the Old Testament here.)  It is partly intended to allow us to disbelieve in the spiritual world (having freedom requires that we be allowed to make mistakes), and partly intended to con them into accepting an existentialist, then Nietzschean, then in some cases Crowleyan/Satanic outlook, with the ultimate attempt of leading them into a combination of Dionysian activity with a contemptuous/nihilistic/sociopathic attitude, which is one of the most likely means for Satanic beings to establish a foothold ("magical powers") in the human soul.  This doesn't mean that it will ultimately lead to demonic possession - there is a variety of Satanic beings who are all inimical to mankind.  However, if SRA is pursued to its ultimate end (repetitive sadism, a.k.a. "ritual" abuse), demonic possession is a possibility.  There isn't much that I can claim to be purely evil, but deliberate torture, including psychological torture with the intent of driving the human spirit out of the world forever, is a prime candidate. 

So, both Darwinism and other types of religious fundamentalism should be shunned on scientific grounds.  We are spiritual beings undergoing an evolutionary process within bounds imposed by higher spiritual beings whose "tough love" can be really tough to bear, and can seem to some of us with insufficient understanding to be evil.