Sunday, November 11, 2012

Windows NSA 8 gets its first "security update" two whole weeks after release

Windows 8, available publicly for two weeks now, is getting its first security update Nov. 13. It includes three critical updates; Windows 8 RT, for Microsoft's Surface tablet, has one critical update.
from Windows 8 to get first 'critical' security update

The main thing being updated is the Thought Police's database.  You should just assume that if a computer is online, its operating system is serving up all of your data to the "NSA," i.e. the no-soul agency (i.e. the dirty faction of the NSA hiding behind the actual intelligence agency), and that it can destroy your computer remotely whenever it so desires.

The cover story about Windows NT (N S+A) having been designed to intelligence-agency security standards is wearing a bit thin. Bill Gates was recently said to be "worth" $66 billion, i.e. 66 exp9, i.e. 669 i.e. 666. Note that in Person of Interest, the designer of "The Machine" (which knows everything about everyone) is a geeky billionaire. Subtle.

You might as well get a Chromebook for all of your online activities - at least Google is upfront about storing your data on their databases, and there's no need to worry about those "rogue" hackers which somehow seem to elude the authorities (and Windows "security") for decades.