Friday, December 28, 2012

Interesting coincidences between Newtown nightmare and Queens subway murder

A mumbling woman pushed a 46-year-old man to his death in front of a subway train on Thursday night, the second time this month someone has been killed in such nightmarish fashion, police said.

from Subway Push Victim Was 46-Year Old From India, Police Say

The above map which shows the location of Newtown and Queens (at ends of red line segment) relative to the Earth Grid. [1]   Also of interest is that the Newtown terror occurred essentially on the new Moon, and the Queens terror on the full Moon.


(For the potential significance of ley ley lines in these cases, see my web-page entitled Satanism and the Earth-Grid.)

[1] The image was taken by KSnapshot from the Marble virtual globe application for Linux, which can open and display the Earth Grid kml-type file contained in the UVG Grid kmz-type file, which can be found on Vortex Maps' "Basic Instructions for Exploring the UVG Grid with Google Earth" page.  Although it is convenient to download map-tiles to enhance Marble's basic resolution, it still doesn't have the extreme resolution of Google Earth. So for high resolution, I use Google maps.  

Those with slow internet connections would probably find Wassail very useful for obtaining Marble and other large software packages. (An Ubuntu software package is essentially a customized download of many files required to install and run the desired application on a particular  computer.) Wassail allows Ubuntu software packages to be downloaded on the typical library computer, which typically run Windows 7 and have high-speed internet access. This involves using Synaptic Package Manager to create a "download script" (a list of the required files, often very long), copying the list to a flash drive along with Wassail, and taking the flash drive to the library, plugging it into the computer and running Wassail, which reads the script and downloads the files. Then the files are transferred to the home computer and installed.