Friday, December 21, 2012

Possession by Spirits of Darkness actually not limited to the weak-minded

After stating in a previous post that the Spirits of Darkness can insinuate thoughts, feelings, and will-impulses into normal people, and take possession of weak-minded people, it occurred to me that Rudolf Steiner had indicated in a quote a few posts back that they can even take possession someone qualified to perform research into drugs. (I doubt that they could take possession of an idiot and turn him into a drug researcher.) So, it would seem that the only consideration is how badly they want to control someone, i.e. how useful they would be as a puppet. Therefore, it is possible that Adam Lanza was possessed by them, despite indications that he was considered to be intelligent. However, I no longer believe that it would be necessary in order for him to do what he (or at least his body) did. As I wrote in my previous post, perhaps he perceived those kids as figures in a video game, or perhaps he thought he was doing them a favor, while getting revenge on the society he probably believed had rejected him and relegated him to a bleak future.