Friday, December 21, 2012

The myth of computer privacy on parade in Lanza case

Some of the most important clues about what drove Adam Lanza to mass murder probably sit on the computer that the reclusive, technical-minded 20-year-old used as one of his main contacts with the world, law enforcement authorities said.
from Cybersleuths try to mine Newtown killer Adam Lanza’s hard drive

They should call the NSA, which probably has a copy of every keystroke he ever made in their databases, courtesy of the operating systems they serve up on a silver platter (tarnished and dented, in the case of Linux). But then they can't admit this, and besides, they' probably find that Lanza was a depressed existentialist who had concluded that his life was over and that he might as well commit suicide and get revenge on society for rejecting him, leaving him to face a life without a family of his own. BTW, to the extent that he is responsible, he will experience the pain he has caused, and there's a lot to go around.)

Still, I don't discount the possibility of the Spirits of Darkness insinuating existentialist thoughts into his mind, to ensure that he didn't "go wobbly."  Nor do I discount the possibility that those who spew Darwinian crap are themselves inspired by the Spirits of Darkness, one of whose chief activities is spreading disinformation.