Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Satan's global reign of terror by any other name still looks the same

Syrian opposition activists and rebels said Tuesday they found the bodies of dozens of military age men along a river in the war-ravaged northern city of Aleppo with telltale signs of summary execution.

These people said the men were killed by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, and to back up their claims they provided graphic video images, which appear to show the dead men caked in mud with recent gunshot wounds to their heads.

Syrian state TV quoted an anonymous "media source" saying the victims were Aleppo residents kidnapped and later executed by al Qaeda-linked fighters active in the city. Attempts to reach residents and activists inside Aleppo were unsuccessful and neither side's claims could be independently verified.

from Dozens of Bodies Found Outside Syria's Aleppo

The bodies were caked in grey mud and showed signs of rigor mortis....

Rigor mortis, a stiffening of the limbs of a corpse, begins around three hours after death, peaks at around 12 hours and is completely dissipated some two days later.
from Syria crisis: 'Bodies of executed men' found in Aleppo

So the massacre took place on the full Moon on a ley line. The fact is that there are evidently Satanists on "both sides" of the conflict, which as usual consists of killing civilians (or "relative civilians") as proxies for each other, and both of these groups could have been involved in the massacre. Or, they could have just provided victims for Satanists who were flown in to Syria for "initiation." But it's safe to say that organized Satanism was behind it, regardless of what masks its supermen wore in this case. Monstrousness combined with unaccountability is its calling card.

Monday, January 28, 2013

"Antidepressant" ad contains possible hints of diabolical agenda

At the end of one of the commercials for Abilify, which takes the form of a cartoon (with a beige psychiatrist), the main character finds herself in an apple orchard with a couple of other characters who are picking apples. It just so happens that "picking apples" converts to 69 69. The main character's "depression," I gather, is symbolized by an umbrella, which at the beginning of the commercial is over her head, and at the end is standing off the side, which I suppose symbolizes the drug's supposed effect of keeping it at bay. It just so happens that the phrase "an umbrella" (it's not "umbrella," but "an umbrella") converts to 99.

Although this doesn't prove anything, all these 6's and 9's strike me as references to 666, whose main goal just happens to coincide with the main effects of Abilify, as indicated by the following two excerpts:
The antipsychotic drugs like Risperdal, Zyprexa, Abilify, Geodon and Seroquel have their clinical impact by causing severe impairment of the frontal lobes—the highest mental centers. They cause actual chemical lobotomies. So the most obvious effect, like surgical lobotomy, is to make people emotionally sluggish and indifferent. They care less about everything, including themselves and other people. They care less about their opinions and their values or higher ideals. That’s how the drugs work—but causing apathy. Many people lose their independence. Some become zombie-like.
from Making Americans into Zombies by Peter R. Breggin, MD

The entire aim in the work of the luciferic and ahrimanic powers [the "horns" of the Devil] in the fifth post-Atlantean age, concerning both the perception of the primal [etheric] phenomenon and the development of free imaginations [thinking with the etheric body], IS TO HINDER THESE FORCES FROM ARISING IN MAN. The luciferic and ahrimanic powers are working in this fifth post-atlantean age to disturb these forces in the human soul, to employ them to a wrong end, thus bringing men's souls out of the earth sphere to establish a new sphere of their own [a reference to the 8th Sphere, the intended destination for mankind's higher aspects, while his lower aspects remain on Earth, doing such things as picking apples]. Many things must work together to disturb the right, quiet and slow unfolding of these forces. Note well that I say the quiet and slow unfolding because the entire period of 2,160 years, starting in 1413 A.D., should be used for the gradual unfoldment of the forces I have named, that is, free imaginations and the gradual development of working with primal phenomena. At intervals by fits and starts, as it were the luciferic and ahrimanic powers throw the whole weight of their opposition against this right evolution. When we bear in mind that everything is prepared for by the world beyond the earth long before it happens, we shall then not be surprised to find preparations being made to bring the strongest possible forces of opposition AGAINST THE NORMAL EVOLUTION OF HUMANITY.
All this unrest, which was prepared long ago, is nothing more than the great attempt that is being made from Asia to bring about a visionary European culture. It would cut it off from the conditions of its further evolution and lead it altogether away from the earth, just as the East has experienced again and again this feeling of being filled with vision and of WANTING TO BE ESTRANGED FROM THE EARTH.
Rudolf Steiner, Inner Impulses of Evolution, Lecture 2

As an indication of the power of the "mental health" (mental death) lobby, which is intricately connected to our actual Orwellian government, note that one of the "solutions" is to push more "treatment," despite the fact that "mental health treatment" appears to be a factor in many of these shooting incidents. Again, note the parallels between the effects of the drugs and the goals of the Devil:
Sorath [Hebrew for "Beast" - another name for the Devil] seeks to paralyze the "I" in man, and to prevent it from absorbing Christ's influence. His influence, once the "I" is paralyzed, also works its way up through the lower levels of the will, undermining compassion and conscience, and causing thinking to become detached from reality.

One consequence of this is to create a void, which is filled by powerful urges for experience in the form of drug use or senseless violence....
from 6-6-6, The Sun-Demon: Baddest of the Bad

I wish I could be more specific, but I haven't seen any more specific references to this supposed direct diabolical influence. Without specifics, I can't differentiate between this influence and the influence of various Satanic beings, such as the Spirits of Darkness, assuming there is a distinction.

SRA in the form of remotely destroying Ubuntu flash-drive installations

Now we may characterize these two kinds of beings from a more profound point of view. Let us observe the Luciferic beings and see what interests they have in cosmic existence. We shall find that their chief interest is to make the world, and above all the human world, desert [abandon] the spiritual beings whom man must regard as his true creators....

The Ahrimanic [Satanic] beings have a different aim. They have the decided intention to make the kingdom of man and the rest of the earth, subject to their sphere of power, to make mankind dependent upon them, to get control over human beings.
from The Mission of the Archangel Michael, Lecture 1

We are the Borg. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile.
from Star Trek

After my persistent flash-drive Ubuntu installations started failing periodically (they get stuck in an endless loop during boot-up), I got a whiff of the Borg, i.e. organized Satanism, that hardcore offshoot of the Cult of Isis (33 56 21 56, i.e. 6 11 3 11), a.k.a. Freakish Coincidences R Us (a hint of how closely they're watching us and how utterly they manipulate our lives). Their fingerprints are actually all over Ubuntu, although not to the absurd extent as with Windows. [1]

But least Ubuntu doesn't make a pretense of constantly updating anti-malware software, which in Windows' case still mysteriously has not managed to address all possibilities, after all these years.  For example, just the other day I saw a news article about a woman whose computer had become infested with the "FBI virus" although she claims to have kept her anti-malware software up to date. Note that "FBI" just happens to convert to 6 11, a hint of the virus' Satanic, control-freak roots.

Windows seems to even have an auto-sabotage capability which does not require a computer to be online in order for the operating systems computers owned by certain people to be sabotaged. For example, after getting the HDHomerun running with Windows Media Center, the operating system stopped recognizing the HDHomerun, and repeating the installation process did not remedy this problem. But this only forced me to figure out how to use the HDHR with Ubuntu, and when I did, I found that Ubuntu is superior to Windows for this purpose. So, I don't miss the Media Center, or anything about Windows for that matter (Google Earth would be nice, but Google is supposedly working on an Ubuntu version as of this writing), especially now that I know to what an extreme Microsoft has gone to play games with its customers' heads.

Whenever I boot up in Windows, I can see it searching the hard drive for information to copy to its reserved-for-the-NSA area, and on the rare occasion that I connect to the internet with Windows, it goes nuts with "security updates." But if you put your Windows system hard drive into an Ubuntu computer, you can access pretty much everything without even knowing the password. So much for Windows' "security." Think of Bill Gates with horns, mocking us.

Clearly, despite Ubuntu's supposed low vulnerability to malware and hacking, organized Satanism has given itself a back door through which it can sabotage an installation at will, and in my latest case, the day before the full Moon.  But as they probably know, I was prepared. 

So, I would recommend avoiding saving any data on the installation-drive (because the data becomes inaccessible when the installation dies - at least I haven't found any way to access it), or at least backing it all up, including your browser-bookmarks and passwords. Also assume that your online activity is being tracked, and that your off-line activity is being saved to your hard drive and uploaded when you're online.

[1] For example, when I start my hard-drive installation of Ubuntu, it always warns me that a system-software problem has been detected, and demands my password in exchange for specifics. However, I've never noticed any actual indications of a problem with the system-software, and OS updates don't have any effect on this warning. In other words, it's just an attempt to get around what I assume are closely-monitored mechanisms built into the OS to protect the password.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Manti Te'o hoax: SRA in the form of emotional abuse

The latest development in a story that has had more twists and turns than Owen Wilson's nose is, finally, one that actually reflects well on Manti Te'o. Yesterday, the lawyer for the hoax's mastermind, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, told the Daily News that his male client was the feminine voice of Lennay Kekua that Te'o had been speaking to on the phone nearly every day.... [But] after Te'o released three voice mails on Katie Couric's show yesterday, the Post learned from Tuiasosopo family members that the voice was actually that of Ronaiah's female cousin, Tino....
from Manti Te’o Did Speak to a Woman on the Phone After All
Te’o, whose grandmother and girlfriend died on the same day last month....
from Te’o and Toma Brought a Friendship to Notre Dame
King! Love one another with burning hearts [deliberately loveless sexual abandon]; ON THE LOW MEN TRAMPLE IN THE FIERCE LUST OF YOUR PRIDE, in the day of your wrath. YE ARE AGAINST THE PEOPLE, O my chosen! 
There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.
from the Gospel According to Aleister [Crowley's Book of the Law]

In a nutshell, the hoax was a form of SRA in the form of emotional torment (spiritual torture). The fact that Te'o was told that his "girlfriend" had "died" on the same day that his grandmother died is a key to the depth of these "hoaxsters'" sadism. The bottom line is that to "cat fish" (24 42, i.e. 6 6) someone is sadistic, and that those who participate in it have no consciences, and perhaps no human souls at all, but some human/Satanic hybrid-soul.

Much of the media coverage was a means of waving Satanism/SRA under our noses and daring us to recognize it, although I suppose that some members of the media just can't comprehend such a monstrous conspiracy and have no choice but to explain it in human terms.

This hoax revealed a lot about the nature of Satanism, such as the sort of forms it currently takes (the inner circles of fundamentalist religions, Scientology, and Wicca, for example), and a large chunk of the legal profession. Note how quickly this "Christian" got a lawyer - and probably for free or next to nothing - and how quickly he abandoned the Golden Rule for the "morality" of Satanism (i.e. anything goes as long as you can get away with it in this world, which sometimes requires the help of Satan's army of ass-covering authority figures, such as Cheney's shadow-DoJ which created "legally not torture"). With the help of psychologists, he also quickly adopted a new false persona (that of someone with a strange psychological condition) when it was no longer possible to hide behind his previous layers of false personae.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sudden change of "personality" would explain Albuquerque massacre

Investigators who went directly to Griego's house found the five family members dead at the home. Griego was found with a .22 rifle, an AR-15 rifle, two shotguns, and rifle ammunition in his van around the same time. After initially denying to police that he had anything to do with the murders, he admitted to killing the family members out of "frustration" with his mother.

He also told police he planned to shoot up a Walmart after killing his family, and that he also planned to kill his girlfriend's parents.

"Nehemiah said after killing five of his family members he reloaded the weapons so that he could drive to a populated area to murder more people," read a police report from the incident released Tuesday.

"Nehemiah stated he wanted to shoot people at random and eventually be killed while exchanging gunfire with law enforcement," the report said.
"We are deeply concerned about the portrayal in some media of Nehemiah as some kind of a monster," said the statement. "It is clear to those of us who know and love him that something went terribly wrong. Whether it was a mental breakdown or some deeper undiagnosed psychological issue, we can't be sure yet. What we do know is that none of us, even in our wildest nightmare, could have imagined that he could do something like this."
from Alleged Teen Killer Nehemiah Griego's Girlfriend Cleared in Family Murders

One way to explain this apparent sudden change in character would be a case of overshadowing by Spirits of Darkness, who seem to have a tendency to use people to conduct such wild "kamikaze"-type attacks. Note the proximity of Albuquerque to ley lines, where Satanic spirits (among others) are concentrated, and that the attack makes sense from the perspective of the anti-human, anti-Christ Spirits of Darkness. (Note that all of Andrea Yates' children were named after famous Biblical figures.) However, there might be some more conventional psychological or neurological explanation.

Thanks for ruining the illusion of a perfect live Star Spangled Banner

DuBois later added that, to her knowledge, Beyonce was not singing. It was Beyonce's voice, but a pre-recorded version heard by about a million people in Washington and millions more on television.
from Did Beyonce Lip-Sync the 'Star-Spangled Banner' at the Inauguration?

OK, media, now that you've ruined the illusion of a perfect live performance for us, why not make yourself useful and tell us the format of this perfect recording, which was indistinguishable from live? My bet is on DSD.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Darwinism: the big lie that just won't die

What's still unknown is whether Mars ever had the right environmental conditions to support microscopic organisms -- something Curiosity is trying to answer during its two-year mission. Besides water, it's generally agreed that a power source like the sun and carbon-based compounds are essential for life.
from Still going: Long-lived NASA rover Opportunity commencing tenth year of exploration on Mars

Newtown shooter what's-his-name also probably would have agreed that only these elements are required for purposeless existences such as those of the children whom he relieved of the burden.

I realize that this studiously objective statement was partly intended as a trap for anti-Darwinists, because there really is nothing wrong about it, although it pointedly dismisses THE crucial ingredient: the Creator's intent. If the Creator intended there to be physical life on Mars, then there would BE physical life on Mars, and it would have a purpose. As it is, Mars is mainly a reserve for certain spirits in certain stages of evolution, which for most humans is at the consciousness-soul stage epitomized by scientific/creative endeavors such as the ones that put these rovers on Mars, and is now using them to try to understand our origins. But this is being done while pretending on an official level that Darwinism hasn't been debunked, and that particle physicists have yet to find the supposed eternal particle that lies at the root of materialism - Higg's boson (named after an atheist in search of his roots) notwithstanding.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

One of the many lies in the James Holmes "trial" (Rev A)

FBI bomb tech Garrett Gumbinner said Holmes told police he wired his apartment to cause an explosion that would divert law enforcement's attention away from the movie theater, The Denver Post's John Ingold tweeted.

A trip wire laid across the door would have tipped the thermos into the chemical, causing them to spark and catch the carpet on fire, had the apartment door been opened, The Denver Post reported.

Holmes reportedly purposely set his stereo to play loud music IN THE HOPE the music would cause someone to come to the apartment and hit the trip wire.

Holmes also told police he put a "pyrotechnic firing box" that was connected to six-inch firing shells on top of his computer, Ingold tweeted.

The box was meant to be used as a trigger for the bombs.

Holmes planted the remote on a remote-controlled car outside, HOPING someone would play with the car, which would set off the explosives, 9News' Jeremy Jojola tweeted from the courthouse.
from FBI Reveals How Colorado Theater Shooter Meticulously Planned His Attack And How Much Worse It Could Have Been

As I wrote previously, James Holmes' "trial" is a collection of big lies, and this is an example of one of them. Why would Holmes make the timing of his distraction dependent on whether and when someone opened his apartment's door or set off his car alarm? (Answer: this claim was intended to explain why these imaginary booby-traps didn't explode.) What evidence do we really have that Holmes booby-trapped his apartment at all? The FBI needs to do some work on its fibbing - the cover story is a festival of lying, probably designed to be insulting.

Furthermore, why hasn't the FBI taken steps to prevent people from creating homemade thermite, which Holmes, a supposed mental wreck, was apparently able to make and deploy without being detected or incinerated? The mere fact that Holmes supposedly purchased about 3000 rounds of ammo in the months before the massacre should have gotten the FBI's attention in this "war on terror" rife with "sleeper cells."

Rev A: Added statement in parentheses.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Circumstances of Aurora theater reopening support my suspicions that Holmes is just a patsy

Family members of those who were killed in the Aurora movie theater shooting sent an angry letter to Cinemark after being invited to "a special evening of remembrance" and a movie in the theater where their loved ones were massacred.

Relatives of eight of the victims signed the letter, saying they were especially angry that the invitations to the theater's reopening night were received so soon after the holidays.

    During the holiday we didn't think anyone or anything could make our grief worse but you, Cinemark, have managed to do just that by sending us an invitation two days after Christmas inviting us to attend the re-opening of your theater in Aurora where our loved ones were massacred.Thanks for making what is a very difficult holiday season that much more difficult. Timing is everything and yours is awful...
from Cinemark Offers Tickets To Reopening Night For Aurora Victims' Families, Prompts Angry Response

[Aurora Mayor Steve] Hogan was one of several speakers who addressed attendees from a stage in what had been Theater No. 9, just a few feet from the spot where James Holmes is accused of opening fire in the crowded theater during the midnight premier of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The auditorium has been renamed the Extreme Digital Cinema and now features a floor-to-ceiling wall-to-wall silverscreen, new seats, new carpet and new wall hangings. A Cinemark employee was overheard saying, “Pretty much everything in here is brand new.”
Tables filled with bags of free popcorn and soft drinks, and employees wandering through the crowds offering free candy, lent something of a surreal air to the occasion. The digital marquees over each theater entrance read, simply, “Remembrance.”
Reopening the theater, which is now called Century Aurora, has been controversial. Family members of nine of the 12 killed signed a letter to Cinemark calling the reopening and estimated $1 million makeover a crass publicity stunt. Several victims’ family members boycotted the reopening ceremony. Some preferred that the theater remain closed and that a memorial to the dead and wounded be erected on the site. At least eight lawsuits have been filed against Cinemark, alleging a variety of security shortcomings.

from Aurora theater reopens with popcorn, tears and a screening of ‘The Hobbit’

From my perspective, this event was intended as a hint that the massacre was partly intended as a sort of "closing act" in the old theater.  I assume that plans had been made before the massacre took place to upgrade the theater (#9, just coincidentally, I'm sure), and that they scheduled the massacre to take place just before the renovation was planned to begin. 

Note that the management apparently used the word "remembrance" to broadcast clues to the Satanic nature of the event. For one thing, who but some sadist would want to dredge up memories of that horrible night? It appears to have been partly intended as a means of rubbing salt in the wounds, and the above letter-excerpts indicate that it indeed had such an effect. (It seems to me that a more appropriate approach would be to help people FORGET by making it appear that nothing had happened there, while spending as little as possible on the theatre in anticipation of people avoiding it for quite a while). Instead, the effect will be to induce certain people to remember the slaughter as good thing, because the result from their perspective is a new high-def theater which they and their friends can attend, perhaps with a "special" discount.

For another, if "remembrance" (emblazoned on the marquee by itself, as if to beg for analysis) is converted to numbers (note that the theaters are now designated by letters, instead of numbers, perhaps as a hint of this "code"), the result is 18 5 13 2, 18, 1 14 3 5, i.e. 11 9 23, all of which are "occult" numbers.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vit D3 pushers use sleight of logic to convince us that poison is nutritional

A closer look at the studies which supposedly proved that Vit D supplements boost the immune system reveal an appallingly unscientific "logic" at work.  It seems that the "evidence" for this conclusion is that Vit D levels of sick people were found to be "low!"  This does not mean that consuming Vit D supplements will boost the immune system. In fact, it has been shown, in a cause/effect manner, to SUPPRESS the immune system (see earlier post for link to the pertinent biomedical text-excerpt), a sort of "VD3-AIDS" which I suspect is an element of the Vit D pushers' actual agenda. (The chief pusher, John Cannell, M.D., did a stint as a psychiatrist at a hospital for the criminally insane, which fits the profile of the sort of Orwellian shrink that gave us the notion of destroying a person's will as an interrogation method. Any excuse will do for what Orwell called "the obliteration of the self.")

Below follow excerpts from a rather salty article by Shane Ellison, MS, a.k.a. The People's Chemist, which prove that Vit D pushers are not medical researchers, but con artists. Considering the effects of their lies, it is hard to see how anyone could claim that the d-pushers are motivated by mere greed.
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism published the vitamin D levels of 93 healthy young adults who were regularly exposed to sunlight in Hawaii. The median 25-D level was 31.6ng/ml.
According to Dr. John Cannell, founder and Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council and his colleague Dr. Michael Hollick, these levels are too low. We have long advocated maintaining a 25-D level of greater than 60ng/ml. But even those suggested levels might be too low, we may need to revise our suggestion to say that a target level of 80ng/ml or perhaps 100ng/ml should be adopted, insisted “D spin docs.”
When you translate Cannell’s [BS] logic, it states that “optimal” vitamin D levels should be three times greater than the average level recorded in the blood of healthy, young Hawaiian sunbathers, which means that sunshine will never be enough. Their underlying message is uniquely crafted to convert healthy people into patients. This tactic comes from Drug Pushing 101.
The Vitamin D Council has every American, including new born babies, convinced that they don’t have optimal levels of “vitamin D.” And because no amount of sunshine will create those levels, you’re forced into overdosing ... with drugs disguised as vitamin D2 and D3, which are vastly different “biochemically” than food or sunshine-derived vitamin D in your body.
Truth be told, vitamin D2 and D3 are man-made drugs, suitable for rat poison, not vitamins. And the University of Colorado reminded the scientific community of this danger when they published, “In fact, baits containing large quantities of vitamin D are used very effectively as rodenticides (rat poison).”
He doesn’t understand that, unlike water, it’ s a “cumulative poison;” meaning that it’s absorbed by fat cells and festers internally for months. It’s called bio-accumulation. And that’s where small, daily ingestion becomes dangerous, the repeated use over time gives way to side effects – death in slow motion.
Trevor Marshall, PhD, professor at Australia’s Murdoch University School of Biological Medicine and Biotechnology demonstrated that it suppresses the immune system, concluding that, “The comprehensive studies are just not showing that supplementary vitamin D makes people healthier.”

Fortunately, when produced by our skin, in response to sunshine, the intelligence of our hormonal system protects us from toxicity by rapidly breaking down the vitamin D-like compounds, which is why nobody has ever been damaged by sun-induced production. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for oral ingestion of the franken-chemicals, D2 and D3.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Interesting claim: no connection between various outbreaks

Pass it on: There is no connection between this year's outbreaks of flu, whooping cough and norovirus.
from Flu, Whooping Cough and Norovirus: What's Going On?

Well, in light of my previous post, and the fact that the Vitamin D pushers naturally also claim that children require large doses of Vit D, this cavalier assertion that a negative has been proven (i.e. that there is no connection between these outbreaks) makes me suspicious. Perhaps it's a hint that there is indeed a connection, and that the connection is weakened immunity due to increased consumption of Vit D. The article seems to conclude that random chance is causing an increasing incidence of all of these diseases, which seems rather unscientific. 

Is this flu season so bad due to high Vitamin D consumption?

Although I've learned my lesson about getting health-related advice from the internet, which is riddled with deliberate and inadvertent misinformation on such matters (even from MD's), and although I am much more cautious about expressing any firm positions (as reflected in the title of this post), it seems to me that raising this question is appropriate at this time.

One post (here) in my health-related blog (which needs updating to state that nothing I've tried has cured my fungal sinus infection, to which large doses of Vit D3 might have contributed) contains excerpts from a biomedical text which indicate that Vit D3 suppresses the immune system. (This post also refers to another post which contains anecdotal evidence by an MD, of a connection between Vit D consumption and immune deficiency.)  Considering that Vit D3 has been pushed for quite a while with little resistance, it seems likely that many people have incorporated large doses into their diets, and this might explain some of the news about the current flu outbreak. 

Shane Ellison, a.k.a. The People's Chemist, has expressed some very strong anti-Vit D opinions (here), and in a rather salty anti-D rant (here), has stated that the chief Vit D pusher, Dr. John Cannell, founder and Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council, was formerly "a psychiatrist in a hospital for the criminally insane," indicating that he might be a Reesian shrink, and that his current job might be best described as a "behavioral nutritionist," i.e. someone who manipulates people into destroying their health with "nutritional advice." He is all over the internet, pushing large doses of D3.

So, if you've come down with an especially nasty case of the flu, you should consider whether it might have something to do with large doses of Vit D.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Is there a black magic connection to the Aurora theater massacre? (Rev A)

Under hypnosis it can happen that the one hypnotised works into the world the harmful instincts of the hypnotist. In the case of normal people the physical body prevents the etheric body from being dragged and drawn hither and thither. When however the physical body is in a state of lethargy it is possible for the etheric body to be worked into. If one person hypnotises another and works harmful instincts into him, these also remain with him after death. Many of the practices of black magicians consisted in their creating willing servants by this means. 
from Foundations of Esotericism, Lecture 2

Perhaps this explains the strange behavior of James Holmes. Perhaps "he," or rather his body, actually did perpetrate this massacre, or participate in it (there are reports of others being involved). Note his involvement with psychologists/psychiatrists, and that the human mind is the target of the Devil and of black magicians, who are inspired by him. (There seems to be a confederation of black magicians with the Spirits of Darkness in this field.)

But then perhaps he was "programmed" to play the part of the scapegoat. All I know is that he acts like a zombie who is unlikely to have done all the horrendous things he supposedly did, that he has a close connection to "mental health" professionals, and that this connection is not being examined by the mainstream media or the court where he is being tried. Because black magic is truly occult, i.e. secret, no detailed, accurate information about it is available to the public, so all I can do is try to read things into the vague hints provided by Steiner.

A possibility about which I had forgotten when I initially wrote this entry is brainwashing, the reality and true nature of which the LaRouche movement exposed during the 1970's. One of the best articles on this is Rockefeller's 1984-Plot (here), although references to it can be found in various articles on The Campaigner Unbound website (here) with the convenient site-search feature.

Rev A: Added last paragraph

Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Cute" T-shirt expresses Devil's top agenda

But in this same epoch human beings will have to battle against attacks of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic [Satanic] powers that will be stronger than those launched in the days of Greek and Roman culture. Again in this later epoch the aim of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic powers is to alienate the souls of men from earthly life on the one hand, and on the other so to mechanize earthly life itself, to make its outer form so entirely mechanistic, that it would be impossible for the ego of man to live in the social order of the Earth. He would therefore take leave of it to enter a life apart from the Earth upon a separate planet [the Eighth Sphere]. 
Rudolf Steiner, quoted here

The Robot Evolution T-Shirt sometimes worn by the brainiac character Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory expresses the supposed stages of Darwinian evolution (which Darwinism's defenders ultimately say just magically occurred), and the existentialist dream of transfering the "self" (memories stored in the brain, supposedly) into an everlasting robot. 

However, it can also be construed as an expression of the Devil's goal of driving the human spirit out of the world and into the so-called 8th Sphere, which Orwell in 1984 called "the obliteration of the self," and reducing Earth-man to a mindless slave with sufficient artificial intelligence to perform useful work. (This is the ultimate purpose of the attempts to create artificial intelligence, as reflected by the above photo depicting  a rodent with a computer wired to its brain.)

This agenda is symbolized by Skull & Bones' "class photos," in which the table bedecked with a skull and bones represents man without spirit/mind, and the clock set to 8 represents the 8th Sphere. (S&B was created by the British empire to create an "American" cadre of upwardly-mobile British henchmen.)

Nietzsche scribbled that mankind is the evolutionary stage between ape and his "superman," by which he (Satan, his ghost-writer) meant those humans who serve as hosts to some Satanic being, as opposed to the forms of life to which he, as Sorath's (the Devil's) underling, hopes to reduce the vast majority of Earth-men. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Media trots out false hoax claims

OGDEN — YouTube videos claiming the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Conn., were staged appear to be based on a fear of government, authority and people’s fragmentation of reality, according to a Weber State University professor.
Emilie Parker, an Ogden native, said Wednesday she is aware of the conspiracy theories surrounding the shootings and offered an opinion as to why they occur.

“The people I know that buy into conspiracy theories, in general, are people who fear the government,” she said.
from Conspiracy theories claim Newtown shootings were a hoax

I'm fairly certain that this hideous deed, a reflection of Satan's intent to obliterate mankind, and which occurred at the time of major festivals to key creator-gods (Christ and Jehovah), was the work of a single deranged existentialist punk with an assault rifle, either directly or indirectly under the influence of the Spirits of Darkness. However, to state that it was purely evil would probably be wrong, because reality is too complex for human comprehension. 

Claims that this rampage was intended as a means of grabbing guns are partly based on the assumption that these guns could protect us from the government if it wanted to kill us outright, when the goal is to put us through an ordeal, for a combination of good and evil motives). The government's weapon of choice is economic warfare, a.k.a. "free trade."  (For example, we didn't have $10B to build a sea wall off the coast of NY, but we have $60 or so to rebuild the place now that it's been wiped out. The "free trade" rationale for this insanity is the big lie that sea levels are rising, and that sea wall would do no good, and that the tourist attractions are more important that protecting the major metropolitan area in the country.) 

I suspect that the media's intent in drawing our attention to these hoax-claims is to distract us from an actual hoax - the Aurora, CO theater massacre, which was clearly partly the work of Satan's organism within the FBI (which has naturally assured us that organized Satanism doesn't exist). It too was a reflection of Satan's undeclared guerrilla war on the human race, and the "trial" is a gigantic lie, and a scapegoat-sacrifice. The supposed culprit Holmes, whose "defense" attorney is clearly part of that conspiracy, is just a scapegoat as surely as was Lee Harvey Oswald. JFK was assassinated by our real government as part of its economic war on mankind.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Escalator accident? What escalator accident?

NEW YORK A commuter ferry from New Jersey crashed into a dock in lower Manhattan during the Wednesday morning rush hour, injuring more than 50 people, at least two critically, officials and witnesses said.
CBS News reports New York police requested a driving-under-the-influence specialist to the scene.

from Ferry hits NYC pier while docking, injuring dozens

Well, I guess they're just going to have to forget about "investigating" that escalator "accident" mentioned in a previous post.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Delhi rape hoax gets even more absurd

On Monday, five men who allegedly raped and killed her appeared before a New Delhi court for the first time, their faces covered in gray woolen caps. All five face charges of kidnapping, rape and murder, among other crimes. They face the death sentence if found guilty. A sixth alleged assailant, a juvenile, faces proceedings before a juvenile court.
from New Delhi Attack: The Victim's Story
Lawyer ML Sharma told journalists three of the men he was representing, Akshay Thakur and brothers Mukesh and Ram Singh, the latter of whom was driving the bus, would plead not guilty at the next hearing scheduled to take place on January 10.
from New Delhi gang rape defendants ‘to plead not guilty’

Well, they're obviously innocent, since from the outset they apparently admitted to the police (see previous posts) that they were just trying to have some fun, and not rape or kill anyone. By the same logic that allows the US to torture in the pursuit of information, these guys are innocent, as well as all criminals who ever lived.

But the more I look at the vast coverage, which reeks of the media's disinformation mills, the more I'm convince that I'm right.  For example, when have you ever heard of the accused having their faces covered in a hearing? On top of that, the hearing was closed to the public and the media.    The efforts to join in on this festival of lying get more absurd by the day.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Reports on escalator "malfunction" bereft of explanation

PATH officials are investigating whether the effects of Superstorm Sandy played a role in Monday's incident, according to a PATH statement. Neither the statement nor Marsico specified why officials think the storm's after-effects might manifest themselves in an escalator accident.
from Escalator's sudden reverse injures 5 at commuter train station

I perused several articles on this "accident" (what else COULD it be?), and the above excerpt is the only thing approximating an "explanation," although it smells more like a prefabricated cover story for SRA, intended to be announced immediately and repeated endlessly to become the official "conclusion," without any actual investigation or even an explanation for how it COULD have happened. I would assume that a lot of design effort went into assuring that this could not happen under any circumstances without someone deliberately over-riding a couple of safety mechanisms, and that the control circuitry was thoroughly inspected after superstorm Sandy.

New Delhi virtual rape case winds up in virtual court, as expected

The commencement of the pre-trial proceedings in the Delhi gang-rape case descended into chaos on Monday when a section of lawyers created a ruckus in the court, objecting to a few advocates coming forward to defend the accused or serve as amicus curiae.

The Delhi Police then moved an application for holding further proceedings away from public glare, and the court ordered in-camera proceedings and put a gag reporting on the case by the print and electronic media.
from Chaos in court; magistrate orders in-camera trial

This is entirely consistent with my assumption that the supposed crime never happened.  There are many potential motives for such a hoax, some of which will become apparent as time goes on. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Delhi rape story doesn't fit into reality

NEW DELHI: Delhi Police today said it will not be lawful for any person to print or publish any matter relating to the case of gang rape of the 23-year-old girl without prior permission of the court.
from Police caution against reporting on Delhi gang rape case without court clearance

They had me going for a while, until I took a good look at it, and realized that there's nothing solid about this supposed crime, just like the "Doncaster boys from Hell" hoax.  Not only that, but the supposed crime is so extreme, and the supposed perpetrators supposedly admitted to doing it for fun, as if anyone would admit that. You'd have to be a psychopath, and psychopaths are more cunning than to do something like what supposedly occurred, and then to admit that they did it for kicks. So, I conclude that it's a colossal hoax.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Subway killer: Loose cannon and hand grenade for the Spirits of Darkness?

A woman accused of fatally pushing a man into the path of a subway train assaulted a correction officer shortly after arriving at a hospital emergency room in Queens, a city official said on Wednesday.
Ms. Menendez was transferred to Elmhurst from the Rikers Island jail after a judge ordered her to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

During her arraignment on Saturday, the judge, Gia L. Morris, reprimanded Ms. Menendez for smiling and laughing during the hearing. Ms. Menendez has a history of mental illness and violent behavior, according to relatives and the police.
from Suspect in Fatal Subway Push Accused of Hitting Correction Officer

She "has a history of mental illness and violent behavior?" So what the hell was she doing running around loose?

This makes me wonder whether people like this woman, and like Jared Loughner, are allowed to run amok by decisions influenced by the Spirits of Darkness, who then influence these mental midgets to perpetrate these wild attacks and take the blame. (Note the map a couple of posts back, which indicates more to the Newtown and subway attacks than meets the eyes.) The more I reflect on events like these, and in my own life, the more I wonder how much control these fallen Angels (who are after all superior beings, with a higher intelligence and spiritual perception, but hostile to humans) have over human society, and how many more respectable people are also effectively their puppets without strings.