Monday, January 21, 2013

Darwinism: the big lie that just won't die

What's still unknown is whether Mars ever had the right environmental conditions to support microscopic organisms -- something Curiosity is trying to answer during its two-year mission. Besides water, it's generally agreed that a power source like the sun and carbon-based compounds are essential for life.
from Still going: Long-lived NASA rover Opportunity commencing tenth year of exploration on Mars

Newtown shooter what's-his-name also probably would have agreed that only these elements are required for purposeless existences such as those of the children whom he relieved of the burden.

I realize that this studiously objective statement was partly intended as a trap for anti-Darwinists, because there really is nothing wrong about it, although it pointedly dismisses THE crucial ingredient: the Creator's intent. If the Creator intended there to be physical life on Mars, then there would BE physical life on Mars, and it would have a purpose. As it is, Mars is mainly a reserve for certain spirits in certain stages of evolution, which for most humans is at the consciousness-soul stage epitomized by scientific/creative endeavors such as the ones that put these rovers on Mars, and is now using them to try to understand our origins. But this is being done while pretending on an official level that Darwinism hasn't been debunked, and that particle physicists have yet to find the supposed eternal particle that lies at the root of materialism - Higg's boson (named after an atheist in search of his roots) notwithstanding.