Monday, January 14, 2013

Is there a black magic connection to the Aurora theater massacre? (Rev A)

Under hypnosis it can happen that the one hypnotised works into the world the harmful instincts of the hypnotist. In the case of normal people the physical body prevents the etheric body from being dragged and drawn hither and thither. When however the physical body is in a state of lethargy it is possible for the etheric body to be worked into. If one person hypnotises another and works harmful instincts into him, these also remain with him after death. Many of the practices of black magicians consisted in their creating willing servants by this means. 
from Foundations of Esotericism, Lecture 2

Perhaps this explains the strange behavior of James Holmes. Perhaps "he," or rather his body, actually did perpetrate this massacre, or participate in it (there are reports of others being involved). Note his involvement with psychologists/psychiatrists, and that the human mind is the target of the Devil and of black magicians, who are inspired by him. (There seems to be a confederation of black magicians with the Spirits of Darkness in this field.)

But then perhaps he was "programmed" to play the part of the scapegoat. All I know is that he acts like a zombie who is unlikely to have done all the horrendous things he supposedly did, that he has a close connection to "mental health" professionals, and that this connection is not being examined by the mainstream media or the court where he is being tried. Because black magic is truly occult, i.e. secret, no detailed, accurate information about it is available to the public, so all I can do is try to read things into the vague hints provided by Steiner.

A possibility about which I had forgotten when I initially wrote this entry is brainwashing, the reality and true nature of which the LaRouche movement exposed during the 1970's. One of the best articles on this is Rockefeller's 1984-Plot (here), although references to it can be found in various articles on The Campaigner Unbound website (here) with the convenient site-search feature.

Rev A: Added last paragraph