Sunday, January 27, 2013

Manti Te'o hoax: SRA in the form of emotional abuse

The latest development in a story that has had more twists and turns than Owen Wilson's nose is, finally, one that actually reflects well on Manti Te'o. Yesterday, the lawyer for the hoax's mastermind, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, told the Daily News that his male client was the feminine voice of Lennay Kekua that Te'o had been speaking to on the phone nearly every day.... [But] after Te'o released three voice mails on Katie Couric's show yesterday, the Post learned from Tuiasosopo family members that the voice was actually that of Ronaiah's female cousin, Tino....
from Manti Te’o Did Speak to a Woman on the Phone After All
Te’o, whose grandmother and girlfriend died on the same day last month....
from Te’o and Toma Brought a Friendship to Notre Dame
King! Love one another with burning hearts [deliberately loveless sexual abandon]; ON THE LOW MEN TRAMPLE IN THE FIERCE LUST OF YOUR PRIDE, in the day of your wrath. YE ARE AGAINST THE PEOPLE, O my chosen! 
There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.
from the Gospel According to Aleister [Crowley's Book of the Law]

In a nutshell, the hoax was a form of SRA in the form of emotional torment (spiritual torture). The fact that Te'o was told that his "girlfriend" had "died" on the same day that his grandmother died is a key to the depth of these "hoaxsters'" sadism. The bottom line is that to "cat fish" (24 42, i.e. 6 6) someone is sadistic, and that those who participate in it have no consciences, and perhaps no human souls at all, but some human/Satanic hybrid-soul.

Much of the media coverage was a means of waving Satanism/SRA under our noses and daring us to recognize it, although I suppose that some members of the media just can't comprehend such a monstrous conspiracy and have no choice but to explain it in human terms.

This hoax revealed a lot about the nature of Satanism, such as the sort of forms it currently takes (the inner circles of fundamentalist religions, Scientology, and Wicca, for example), and a large chunk of the legal profession. Note how quickly this "Christian" got a lawyer - and probably for free or next to nothing - and how quickly he abandoned the Golden Rule for the "morality" of Satanism (i.e. anything goes as long as you can get away with it in this world, which sometimes requires the help of Satan's army of ass-covering authority figures, such as Cheney's shadow-DoJ which created "legally not torture"). With the help of psychologists, he also quickly adopted a new false persona (that of someone with a strange psychological condition) when it was no longer possible to hide behind his previous layers of false personae.