Friday, January 11, 2013

Media trots out false hoax claims

OGDEN — YouTube videos claiming the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Conn., were staged appear to be based on a fear of government, authority and people’s fragmentation of reality, according to a Weber State University professor.
Emilie Parker, an Ogden native, said Wednesday she is aware of the conspiracy theories surrounding the shootings and offered an opinion as to why they occur.

“The people I know that buy into conspiracy theories, in general, are people who fear the government,” she said.
from Conspiracy theories claim Newtown shootings were a hoax

I'm fairly certain that this hideous deed, a reflection of Satan's intent to obliterate mankind, and which occurred at the time of major festivals to key creator-gods (Christ and Jehovah), was the work of a single deranged existentialist punk with an assault rifle, either directly or indirectly under the influence of the Spirits of Darkness. However, to state that it was purely evil would probably be wrong, because reality is too complex for human comprehension. 

Claims that this rampage was intended as a means of grabbing guns are partly based on the assumption that these guns could protect us from the government if it wanted to kill us outright, when the goal is to put us through an ordeal, for a combination of good and evil motives). The government's weapon of choice is economic warfare, a.k.a. "free trade."  (For example, we didn't have $10B to build a sea wall off the coast of NY, but we have $60 or so to rebuild the place now that it's been wiped out. The "free trade" rationale for this insanity is the big lie that sea levels are rising, and that sea wall would do no good, and that the tourist attractions are more important that protecting the major metropolitan area in the country.) 

I suspect that the media's intent in drawing our attention to these hoax-claims is to distract us from an actual hoax - the Aurora, CO theater massacre, which was clearly partly the work of Satan's organism within the FBI (which has naturally assured us that organized Satanism doesn't exist). It too was a reflection of Satan's undeclared guerrilla war on the human race, and the "trial" is a gigantic lie, and a scapegoat-sacrifice. The supposed culprit Holmes, whose "defense" attorney is clearly part of that conspiracy, is just a scapegoat as surely as was Lee Harvey Oswald. JFK was assassinated by our real government as part of its economic war on mankind.