Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Delhi rape hoax gets even more absurd

On Monday, five men who allegedly raped and killed her appeared before a New Delhi court for the first time, their faces covered in gray woolen caps. All five face charges of kidnapping, rape and murder, among other crimes. They face the death sentence if found guilty. A sixth alleged assailant, a juvenile, faces proceedings before a juvenile court.
from New Delhi Attack: The Victim's Story
Lawyer ML Sharma told journalists three of the men he was representing, Akshay Thakur and brothers Mukesh and Ram Singh, the latter of whom was driving the bus, would plead not guilty at the next hearing scheduled to take place on January 10.
from New Delhi gang rape defendants ‘to plead not guilty’

Well, they're obviously innocent, since from the outset they apparently admitted to the police (see previous posts) that they were just trying to have some fun, and not rape or kill anyone. By the same logic that allows the US to torture in the pursuit of information, these guys are innocent, as well as all criminals who ever lived.

But the more I look at the vast coverage, which reeks of the media's disinformation mills, the more I'm convince that I'm right.  For example, when have you ever heard of the accused having their faces covered in a hearing? On top of that, the hearing was closed to the public and the media.    The efforts to join in on this festival of lying get more absurd by the day.