Sunday, January 20, 2013

One of the many lies in the James Holmes "trial" (Rev A)

FBI bomb tech Garrett Gumbinner said Holmes told police he wired his apartment to cause an explosion that would divert law enforcement's attention away from the movie theater, The Denver Post's John Ingold tweeted.

A trip wire laid across the door would have tipped the thermos into the chemical, causing them to spark and catch the carpet on fire, had the apartment door been opened, The Denver Post reported.

Holmes reportedly purposely set his stereo to play loud music IN THE HOPE the music would cause someone to come to the apartment and hit the trip wire.

Holmes also told police he put a "pyrotechnic firing box" that was connected to six-inch firing shells on top of his computer, Ingold tweeted.

The box was meant to be used as a trigger for the bombs.

Holmes planted the remote on a remote-controlled car outside, HOPING someone would play with the car, which would set off the explosives, 9News' Jeremy Jojola tweeted from the courthouse.
from FBI Reveals How Colorado Theater Shooter Meticulously Planned His Attack And How Much Worse It Could Have Been

As I wrote previously, James Holmes' "trial" is a collection of big lies, and this is an example of one of them. Why would Holmes make the timing of his distraction dependent on whether and when someone opened his apartment's door or set off his car alarm? (Answer: this claim was intended to explain why these imaginary booby-traps didn't explode.) What evidence do we really have that Holmes booby-trapped his apartment at all? The FBI needs to do some work on its fibbing - the cover story is a festival of lying, probably designed to be insulting.

Furthermore, why hasn't the FBI taken steps to prevent people from creating homemade thermite, which Holmes, a supposed mental wreck, was apparently able to make and deploy without being detected or incinerated? The mere fact that Holmes supposedly purchased about 3000 rounds of ammo in the months before the massacre should have gotten the FBI's attention in this "war on terror" rife with "sleeper cells."

Rev A: Added statement in parentheses.