Monday, January 7, 2013

Reports on escalator "malfunction" bereft of explanation

PATH officials are investigating whether the effects of Superstorm Sandy played a role in Monday's incident, according to a PATH statement. Neither the statement nor Marsico specified why officials think the storm's after-effects might manifest themselves in an escalator accident.
from Escalator's sudden reverse injures 5 at commuter train station

I perused several articles on this "accident" (what else COULD it be?), and the above excerpt is the only thing approximating an "explanation," although it smells more like a prefabricated cover story for SRA, intended to be announced immediately and repeated endlessly to become the official "conclusion," without any actual investigation or even an explanation for how it COULD have happened. I would assume that a lot of design effort went into assuring that this could not happen under any circumstances without someone deliberately over-riding a couple of safety mechanisms, and that the control circuitry was thoroughly inspected after superstorm Sandy.