Thursday, January 3, 2013

Subway killer: Loose cannon and hand grenade for the Spirits of Darkness?

A woman accused of fatally pushing a man into the path of a subway train assaulted a correction officer shortly after arriving at a hospital emergency room in Queens, a city official said on Wednesday.
Ms. Menendez was transferred to Elmhurst from the Rikers Island jail after a judge ordered her to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

During her arraignment on Saturday, the judge, Gia L. Morris, reprimanded Ms. Menendez for smiling and laughing during the hearing. Ms. Menendez has a history of mental illness and violent behavior, according to relatives and the police.
from Suspect in Fatal Subway Push Accused of Hitting Correction Officer

She "has a history of mental illness and violent behavior?" So what the hell was she doing running around loose?

This makes me wonder whether people like this woman, and like Jared Loughner, are allowed to run amok by decisions influenced by the Spirits of Darkness, who then influence these mental midgets to perpetrate these wild attacks and take the blame. (Note the map a couple of posts back, which indicates more to the Newtown and subway attacks than meets the eyes.) The more I reflect on events like these, and in my own life, the more I wonder how much control these fallen Angels (who are after all superior beings, with a higher intelligence and spiritual perception, but hostile to humans) have over human society, and how many more respectable people are also effectively their puppets without strings.